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In the context of Tetris, fan games are computer tetromino games unconnected with Elorg, The Tetris Company, or any other licensor of rights in the Tetris trademark. They tend to follow the well-known rules of Tetris but may not strictly follow any official guidelines.

List of fan games

Straight tetromino games

The following games more or less faithfully replicate the rules of some version of Tetris, either pre-Guideline or post-Guideline:

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NSFW games

These are games that incorporate adult elements.

Malicious piece generation

Variants that attempt to give the player the worst possible piece.

  • Bastet - Literally, Bastard Tetris. Made to be as annoying and frustrating as possible.
  • Birdris - by Andrew Bird.
  • Hatetris - Variation by Sam Hughes of Things of Interest. Has a replay system.
  • Stacked Odds - Uses an 8-wide playfield.
  • Tetrevil - Incorporates a system to balance piece distribution (choose between weights, 7-bag and 21-bag).

In addition, the following games previously listed have game modes that attempt to do this:

  • Abandoned Bricks in Bastet mode (using the algorithm from v0.41 of Bastet)
  • Cultris II during the WTF challenge
  • Java Duel Tetris in Nightmare mode
  • LTris with Expert Mode on (with the constraint that piece generation stil acts as a bag randomiser in this mode)
  • NullpoMino when using the Tetrevil mode mod (also part of Blitz's mod pack)
  • Quadrapassel
  • Zeromeaner when using the Eviline randomiser (successor to Tetrevil)

Other piece sets

These games have similar gameplay to Tetris but change the piece set, most commonly by adding pentominoes, but also other larger or smaller polyominoes, or pseudo-polyominoes, or sometimes even quasi-polyominoes.

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In addition, the following games previously listed have the option to play with a non-standard piece set:

  • EGAint
  • Emlith
  • Super Retriss
  • WinTris
  • Yet Another Tetris

Non-2D variants

These games correspond to attempts to take the gameplay of Tetris into higher (or lower) dimensions. See also List of games#Other_.22-tris.22_games.

  • Humorous versions#1D Tetris - Various 1D variants.
  • 3D Tetris (online game) - 3dtetris.com 3D variant of the classic Tetris game. You can play the game: online, offline and mobile. The game use the Java virtual machine.
  • 3DTRIS - 3dtris.de A clone of Blockout (3D variant of Tetris) in Macromedia Flash. Its gameplay is very smooth, just like original Blockout. Online high score list with growing competitions.
  • 4D-Tris - A 4D variant where the aim is to fill 2 × 2 × 2 layers.
  • Blockout II - blockout.net The best clone of Blockout (3D Tetris) for Windows using DirectX. Online high score list, forum, wiki.
  • Frac - A 3D variant for DOS and Macintosh.
  • Frac4d - A 4D variant derived from Frac. Released as freeware in 2006.
  • HyperTetris - Another 4D variant with a 4 × 4 × 4 × 10 playfield.
  • Polycubes
  • Polytope Tetris - A variant with a configurable number of dimensions (though playability suffers at 5D and above).

Other variants

These games have game play rules inspired by Tetris, such as rotation of shapes to form complete lines, but introduce rule variations that change the game play greatly.

See also Humorous versions for games too short or not playable enough to have their own page.

  • 3D-Stereogram Tetris
  • BEATris - A combination of rhythm game and Tetris.
  • Bomblin - A Bombliss clone, taking inspiration from the TGM series.
  • CubeStorm Planets
  • Da - merges Tetris gameplay and Columns gameplay
  • Dream of Pixels - A game where the player has to remove tetromino-shaped pieces from a cloud mass.
  • Equadrix - Form expressions matching the target number.
  • First-Person Tetris - the player's viewpoint is centred on the falling piece, and rotates when the piece is rotated.
  • Futilitris
  • Go Tetris! - Merges Tetris gameplay with the capturing rules of Go.
  • Java Tetris - A Java Tetris game that follows the gameplay rules of the original, but has more than 30 shape types and a few new game modes, including a "Hardcore" mode where the game is played on a 125x125 grid.
  • Gravytris
  • Heaven - Based on the xkcd strip of the same name; regularly drops "heavenly" blocks that cover the entire stack.
  • Hell Tetris - Based on another xkcd strip; gives the playfield a rounded bottom.
  • Hexlis - A Flash game where the rows are expressed as hexadecimal numbers.
  • Kowaris - Introduces a mechanic where blocks can break.
  • Kuzuris - Online game inspired by Kowaris. Apparently defunct.
  • Magic Eye Tetris
  • Monotris - Flash game. Drop pieces to form tetrominoes.
  • Not Tetris - Incorporates a physics engine. The aim is to stack as many pieces as possible on the playfield before topping out.
  • Pentominon
  • Phystris - Incorporates a physics engine. Has modes based on clearing horizonal lines, clearing colour lines, and making groups of blocks of the same colour.
  • Remtris - Freeware clone with cascade gravity.
  • Remtris 2 - Sequel to Remtris, focusing on multiplayer.
  • Retris - Has a gimmick on every alternate piece.
  • Quadra - Open source clone with cascade gravity, successor to Remtris 2. Features very fast-paced online play.
  • Quatris (DOS, Eugene Kim) and its sequels
  • Quatris (Zimond)
  • Structris - Game for Apple II. Dodge falling tetrominoes that are fired at the player.
  • Tetriller
  • Tetris'D: The Game - Dodge falling tetrominoes.
  • Tetron - A game on a cylinder.
  • Torus - Another game on a cylinder.
  • Tuper Tario Tros. - Combines Super Mario Bros. and Tetris.
  • Uehara Tetris
  • Untris - A Tetris game played in reverse.
  • Yukidoke no Kaze

Pieces made out of non-rectangular shapes

These games have similar gameplay to Tetris but use pieces made out of other polygons such as hexagons.

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See also Hexion, an arcade game by Konami.

Comparison of notable fan games

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