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Developer(s) Eric Ng
Release date(s) May 1989
Latest release v0.94.13? (1990-05-19)
Platform(s) MS-DOS
Gameplay Info
Next pieces 1
Playfield dimensions 10 × 24 (default)
Hold piece No
Hard drop Hard only
Rotation system  ?
EGAint title.png EGAint ingame.png

EGAint is a free software Tetris clone for MS-DOS and the reworked version of Aint for EGA systems.


These are the settings from v0.94.13.

  • Tournament game:
    • No: Generate pieces randomly
    • Yes: Generate pieces based on fixed seed
  • Tournament game number: Set seed for tournament game
  • Initial level
  • Initial height
  • Show Next
  • Extended shapes:
    • Classic: tetrominoes only
    • Easy: Classic plus monomino, domino and pseudo-domino, both trominoes, and I pentomino
    • Medium: Easy plus 90-degree and 135-degree pseudo-trominoes and T, U and X pentominoes
    • Hard: Medium plus A and diamond pseudo-tetrominoes, V, W, Z and Z' pentominoes, and X pseudo-pentomino
  • Block style
  • Key bindings: In addition to User-defined, the player can choose from the following built-in key bindings:
Scheme Move Rotate Hard drop
Left Right Left Right
Classic J L I K Space
Russian J L K I Space
Berkeley H L J K Space
Left-handed S F E D Space
Finnish S F D E Space
San Francisco A F S D Space
Arrow Numpad 4 Numpad 6 Numpad 8 Numpad 5 Numpad 0
  • Pit Depth: playfield height (between 5 and 24 rows).
  • Show Guide: toggles column guides.


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