Kralizec Tetris

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Kralizec Tetris
Developer(s)Ramones (programmer), Sutchan (graphics)
Platform(s)MSX, ColecoVision
Release2004, 2005, 2016
Gameplay info
Next pieces5
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropYes
Kralizec Tetris title.png
Kralizec Tetris gameplay.png

Kralizec Tetris is a fan tetris game for the MSX, first released in 2004 as a submission for the MSXdev04 programming contest.

Gameplay and modes

  • 1P Single Mode – Objective is to get the highest score by clearing lines. There are 3 speed levels.
  • 2P Battle Mode – Objective is to top your opponent out with garbage. Singles sends 0 lines of garbage to your opponent. Doubles send two garbage lines. Triples send three garbage lines. Tetrises send five garbage lines. Unlike most tetris games, each garbage line has 2 holes rather than 1.


There are three versions of Kralizec Tetris, in order:

  • Kralizec 8K Tetris (2004)
  • Kralizec Battle Tetris (2004)
  • Kralizec Tetris (2005)

All three play similarly, while Kralizec Battle Tetris lets you play with a human opponent on the same computer, and the 2005 version combines both the previous two as well as adding other extras such as more skins.

Additionally, Kralizec Tetris (2005) was ported to the ColecoVision in 2016 by the developer Team Pixelboy.

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