Tetris Max

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Developer(s)Steve Chamberlin
Platform(s)Mac OS Classic
ReleaseAugust 1992
Latest release2.9.3
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropYes
Tetris Max (ingame).png

Tetris Max is was one of the first fan games for Mac OS System 6 and later. The game was created by Steve Chamberlin and was later ported to PC as Bricklayer.

Bricklayer is also known for its background music by Roger Wagner and its wacky sound effects including:

  • A cow mooing when you level up
  • A quote saying "All kids love log" when clicking on a log in the credits.


The game's main mode is a standard marathon with 10 levels. Level n+1 begins after 10*n lines.

The game also has a Practice mode, where the player can set a fixed speed (either levels 1 to 10, or a custom speed in frames per row).

Controls are configurable; by default they are:

  • Move left: J
  • Move right: L
  • Rotate left: K
  • Rotate right: I
  • Soft drop: M
  • Hard drop: Space


1 point is earned for every row crossed when soft or hard dropping. Line clear bonuses do not depend on level and are as follows:

Line clear Score
Single 100
Double 300
Triple 600
Tetris 1000

In addition, there are two special bonuses that can be earned:

  • If all the blocks in the line(s) cleared are the same colour, a bonus of 2500 points is awarded.
  • If the player clears the entire playfield, a bonus of 10,000 points is awarded.

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