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Developer(s)Anonymous, Zircean
ReleaseJuly 27, 2008
Latest release7.5.0 (21 January 2011)
Gameplay info
Next piecesVariable
Playfield sizeVariable
Hold pieceVariable
Hard dropVariable
Rotation systemAlmost anything you can come up with
Nullpomino title.png
Nullpomino ingame.png

NullpoMino is a cross-platform, open-source fan game written in Java providing three versions: One using Slick, another using sdljava, the last using Swing. The game also simulates many Tetris games, as well as the TGM series and a few fan games, and also contains a utility for creating your own custom rotation systems.

NullpoMino is one of the few Tetris games, official or fan-made, with a truly cross-platform online versus mode.

Game modes

Mode select screen

As of version 7.5.0, NullpoMino contains the following modes:


  • Marathon – Fixed-goal mode. The player can choose between 150 Lines, 200 Lines, or Endless, where the level stops at 20.
  • Marathon+ – Based on Tetris Friends' Survival mode. Fixed-goal (200 Lines) mode with a steeper gravity curve and an Endless semi-invisible round after reaching Level 21.
  • Extreme20G Marathon mode with DAS, lock, line, and spawn delays decreasing per level. Endless can be toggled on. With Endless set to off, clearing 200 lines will initiate a credit roll where points can still be scored during that time.
  • Technician – Variable-goal Marathon mode. Five difficulties are available:
    • LV15-EASY – Standard speed curve. Bonus points are given in the first 2 minutes of each level.
    • LV15-HARD – The game ends when the 2-minute level timer runs out.
    • 10MIN-EASY – Based on Tetris Zone's Challenge mode, the player must complete as many levels as possible within 10 minutes. The goal counter resets when the 2-minute level timer runs out.
    • 10MIN-HARD – Same as 10MIN-EASY, but the game ends when the 2-minute level timer runs out.
    • SPECIAL – Same as LV15-HARD, but a time bonus of 30 seconds is added for each level completed.


  • Line RaceSprint mode. 20-, 40-, and 100-Line sub-modes are available; gravity, DAS, ARE, and line clear delay can be customized before starting the game.
  • Score Race – Same as Line Race, but the player must reach a score goal as fast as possible. 10000, 25000, and 30000 Points sub-modes are available.
  • Dig Race – The player must clear garbage lines and dig to the bottom of the playfield in the fastest time possible. Garbage height can be selected between 5, 10, or 18 lines.
  • Combo Race – Using a center 4-wide column setup, the player must make the highest combo possible. 20, 40, and 100 Lines sub-modes are available, as well as Endless, which ends the game on a combo break.
  • Ultra – The player must obtain as many points as possible in a limited amount of time. The time limit can be set from 1 to 5 minutes.


  • Grade Mania – Replicates Master mode from Tetris The Grand Master.
  • Grade Mania 2 – Replicates Master mode from Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2.
  • Grade Mania 3 – Replicates Master mode from Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct. Promotional Exams can be toggled on.
  • Score Attack – Replicates Normal mode from Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 without items.
  • Speed Mania – Replicates T.A. Death mode from Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS.
  • Speed Mania 2 – Replicates Shirase mode from Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct.
  • Garbage Mania – Replicates TGM+ mode from Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS.
  • Phantom Mania – Same as Speed Mania, but every piece dropped disappears.
  • Final – Master mode with 20G gravity and a very short lock delay. All blocks appear as [ ] throughout the mode.
  • Time Attack – Replicates the main mode of Tetris The Grand Master Ace. In addition to the original 150-Line and 200-Line modes, four additional modes with shorter time limits and higher levels of difficulty are available.
  • Gem Mania – Replicates Sakura mode from Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct.


Misc Modes

  • Square – The player must form squares to earn extra points. Avalanche type can be switched between that of The New Tetris and Tetris Worlds. Three sub-modes are available: Marathon, Sprint, and Ultra.
  • Dig Challenge – The player must survive digging through an endless stack of garbage lines for as long as possible. Garbage delay can be switched between Normal and Real-time.
  • VS-Battle – Standard multiplayer versus mode with the garbage line system. Maps can be turned on.
  • Avalanche – Uses mechanics from the Puyo Puyo series, with the name being based on Kirby's Avalanche. Available modes include the following:
    • Avalanche P1 – Standard mode with Marathon, Sprint, and Ultra sub-modes. VS mode is also available.
    • Fever Marathon – Complete as many chains as possible within a time limit, similar to "Fever mode" from Puyo Puyo Fever VS mode is also available.
    • VS Dig Race – The player must dig to the gem at the bottom of the field before the opponent.
    • Bomb Battle – VS mode where clearing chains sends bombs to the opponent.
  • Physician – Uses mechanics from the Dr. Mario series. Solo and VS-Battle modes are available.
  • SPF – Based on Super Puzzle Fighter. Clear colored blocks by using gems. Versus mode is available.


Since the game is made with Java, some users modded the game to include custom modes to change up the gameplay experience and add functionality to it. Such examples of these modes are Oshisaure's Demon Mode and 0xFC963F18DC21's Accelerator mode.

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