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Developer(s) Triosoft
Publisher(s) N/A
Release date(s) 2009 edition was released May 19th 2008
Platform(s) Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 1-3
Playfield dimensions 10w
Hold piece Yes, in the Ti modes.
Hard drop Yes (Sonic Drop), in all modes except NORMAL
Rotation system TGM rotation(CLASSIC), SRS (WORLD)
Texmaster title.png
Texmaster gameselect.png Texmaster ingame.png

Texmaster is one of many fan games inspired by the TGM series by Arika. Available for Windows, GNU/Linux or Mac OS computers, it is the most accurate TGM clone available, and it features game modes based on Tetris The Grand Master, Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS, and Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct.

Current Version

The current version is: Texmaster 2009 Patch 2 beta 1 (50%), Released on June 28, 2009.

Game Modes


Mimics the Normal mode of Tetris The Grand Master 2 The Absolute PLUS.


Mimics the gameplay of Tetris The Grand Master.


Mimics TGM+ mode from Tetris The Grand Master 2 The Absolute PLUS.


Mimics Master mode from Tetris The Grand Master 2 The Absolute PLUS.


Mimics T.A. Death mode from Tetris The Grand Master 2 The Absolute PLUS.


Mimics Doubles mode from Tetris The Grand Master 2 The Absolute PLUS.

Special Ti

Mimics Master mode from Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct.

Sudden Ti

Mimics Shirase mode from Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct.

Custom Sounds & Graphics

Texmaster 2009 allows the user to replace the default background graphic and the default sounds. To replace the background graphics, simply move some BMP images, sized 320 x 240, into a folder called "data" within the Texmaster folder. Then, name the files like the following: bg_xx.bmp where xx is 00-09 (representing the Stage).

To replace the sound, simply move some WAV files into the aformentioned "data" folder within the Texmaster directory. The allowed filenames are as follows (from data/data.html):


  • tm1_1.wav (NORMAL 000-499)
  • tm1_2.wav (NORMAL 500-999)
  • tm2_1.wav (SPECIAL 000-499) (NOVICE 000-299)
  • tm2_2.wav (SPECIAL 500-699) (SUDDEN 000-299 NOVICE staff roll)
  • tm2_3.wav (SPECIAL 700-899) (SUDDEN 300-499)
  • tm2_4.wav (SPECIAL 900-999) (SUDDEN 500-999)
  • tm3_1.wav (SPECIAL Ti 000-499(speed))
  • tm3_2.wav (SPECIAL Ti 500-799(speed))
  • tm3_3.wav (SPECIAL Ti 800-1899(speed)) (SUDDEN Ti 000-499)
  • tm3_4.wav (SUDDEN Ti 500-699)
  • tm3_5.wav (SUDDEN Ti 700-999)
  • tm3_6.wav (SUDDEN Ti 1000-1299)
  • tm1_endroll.wav (NORMAL staff roll)
  • tm2_endroll.wav (ADVANCE / SPECIAL staff roll) (SPECIAL Ti / SUDDEN Ti staff roll)
  • tm3_endroll.wav [NOT SUPPORT]
  • tm2_menu.wav (menu)
  • tm3_menu.wav
  • tm1_gameover.wav (NORMAL game over)
  • tm2_gameover.wav (NOVICE / ADVANCE / SPECIAL / SUDDEN game over)
  • tm3_gameover.wav (SPECIAL Ti / SUDDEN Ti game over)

Looping the music

Texmaster has the ability to loop a BGM back to an earlier part of the song when it reaches the end. Open the bgm_special_loop.txt file within the data folder. Specify the music filename and then the number of samples after which it should loop. For example, a normal WAV file might be 44,100 Hz, or 44100 samples per second. Multiply the samples per second by the seconds of the loop point (drop the resulting decimal places).

Example file:
data/tm2_1.wav 620243
data/tm2_2.wav 0
data/tm2_3.wav 0
data/tm2_4.wav 0


  • applehouse.wav
  • break.wav
  • chime.wav (SPECIAL Ti / SUDDEN Ti *99 chime)
  • chime2.wav (SPECIAL SUDDEN *99 chime)
  • danger.wav
  • decision.wav
  • get_medal.wav
  • gm.wav
  • grade_up.wav
  • hold.wav
  • level_up.wav
  • line_fall.wav
  • rotates_beforehand.wav (irs)
  • select.wav
  • tetromino_landing.wav
  • tetromino_lock.wav
  • voice_go.wav
  • voice_ready.wav
  • next_yellow.wav
  • next_blue.wav
  • next_orange.wav
  • next_green.wav
  • next_perple.wav
  • next_skyblue.wav
  • next_red.wav
  • cool.wav
  • regret.wav

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