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Developer(s) Pavlos Touboulidis
Release date(s)
Latest release March 30, 2000
Platform(s) PC
Gameplay Info
Next pieces 1
Playfield dimensions
Hold piece No
Hard drop
Rotation system
CRTetris ingame.gif

CRTetris is a fan made freeware Tetris game.

It can be customized with custom themes. A fan made Britney Spears theme is available.


From the official website:

"CRTetris is a Tetris like game. The game has 22 levels, each one being more difficult than the previous one. To finish each level, you must clear a certain amount of lines, just like the original Tetris. You get points for placing blocks, clearing lines, and extra points at the end of each level. The scoring system is identical to the classic Tetris; you get more points at higher levels, more points when you drop the blocks fast, etc. When a level ends, the board clears and you go to the next level. Each level has it's own background. In the original theme (a theme is a collection of background art and/or music; you can use another theme or even create your own) you travel around the world, from Canada to Antarctica. At the end of the game, if your score it high enough, you get in to the high score table."

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