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This page is dedicated to humorous versions of Tetris.

1D Tetris

Tetris reduced to 1 dimension. In practice, this is implemented using a 2D well of width 1. Since all lines are of width 1, all pieces clear immediately, leaving only minimal interactivity. Most versions have soft drop but no hard drop.


Multiple people have implemented Tetris in 1 dimension.

  • 1D Tetris (ZX Spectrum, 1998): Written for the comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition (CSSCGC) 1998, playable on the Internet Archive. Uses pieces of lengths 1 to 4. Has levels (1 to 9) and scoring (100 points per line, plus a randomised number of points per piece).
  • Tetris 1D (online, 2002): By Ziga Hajdukovic ("zigah"), formerly playable at Uses pieces of lengths 2 to 4. Score is 50 * 2^(no. of lines - 1).
  • 1D Tetris (iPod Linux, 2006): By Alexander Papst, available here. Uses pieces of lengths 2 to 4. Score is 2*(no. of lines - 1).
  • Tetris 1D (Scratch, 2008): By "hmnwilson", playable here. Uses pieces of lengths 1 to 3. Score is 100 points per line.
  • Tetris 1D 2.0 (online, 2012): By zigah, formerly playable on Kongregate. Adds levels (0 to 9, advance every 10 lines) and revamps the scoring system (1 point per piece, 1 point per row soft dropped, 50 * 2^(no. of lines - 1) * (level + 1) for line clears).
  • 1D 1D Tetris (ZX Spectrum, 2015): Written for the CSSCGC 2015. A remake of the 1998 version with One Direction and the I pentomino and hexomino added, and the randomness and resulting superfluous zeroes in the scoring system removed. Levelling appears to be broken.

Other CSSCGC Tetris clones

1D Tetris is not the only Tetris-like game to be submitted to the comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition.

  • Tetris: The Text Adventure (1996): Turns Tetris into a text adventure... but there's no way to see the stack (the pieces just "slot into place" each time).
  • Monotris (1998): Replaces the tetrominos with monominos. Unsurprisingly, the resulting game is rather trivial. 1 point per piece, 10 points per line. Not to be confused with the Flash game of the same name.
  • Craptris (2003): A barebones clone. Has neither hard nor soft drop.
  • Defective by Design Tetris (2010): Highlights of this Tetris clone include a broken scoring system, a key that does "nothing special" (widens the playfield from 2 to 8 wide), and an incredibly obnoxious game over screen.

Portal Tetris

A combination of Tetris and the game Portal. When a piece reaches the bottom of the playfield, instead of it being placed where it lands, it enters a portal and reappears at the top, thus making it impossible to get past the first piece.

Along the same lines is N0t Tetris 2, which combines Not Tetris 2 and Portal.

Hell Tetris

Main article: Hell Tetris

Hell Tetris is based on an xkcd strip ("Hell") which shows a Tetris game where the bottom of the playfield is rounded, making it very difficult to place blocks in a manner so it'd even be possible to clear a line.

Another game based on the strip by Kaolin Fire can be found here, but it's not possible to clear lines.

A subsequent strip, Heaven, also inspired a game.

Retro Sabotage

Retro Sabotage is a site that makes "sabotages" of classic games with various twists. They have made three sabotages of Tetris (specifically Tetris (Famicom)):

  • Compromise (2008-02-21): The player controls two playfields at once. 100 points per line (on either side), game ends when either side tops out.
  • Twenty Lines (2008-02-28): The player has to construct the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Blocks outside the monolith's area will simply disappear, while complete lines will filter to the bottom.
  • Incompatible Visions (2008-03-06): Starts as a game of Tetris, but after a few pieces the dog from Duck Hunt appears, and someone starts shooting at the player's pieces. Eventually a duck appears instead of a piece, and is shot, at which point the game ends. Alternatively, topping out will cause the dog to laugh at the player.

Tetris: Online Charity Edition

A game by I-Mockery, released for April Fools' Day 2009. Playable here.

The game claims that for every player that reaches Level 3 in A-Type mode (which requires 20 lines), the site will donate $1 to charity. However, it is impossible to reach Level 3, as after reaching 16 or more lines the game will send various NES characters instead of tetrominoes. Should a player anticipate this and try to reach 20 lines with their last tetromino the game will stop the counter at 19.

R-Type mode has the player as the ship from R-Type shooting blocks to fill walls that spawn from the right of the screen.


A game by Accidently Awesome Studios. Playable here. The game has an effectively infinite playfield. Pieces spawn above the last placed piece.

Not to be confused with the DOS game of the same name.

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