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Developer(s) Robert J. Sundling
Publisher(s) Robert J. Sundling
Release date(s) 1991
Platform(s) DOS
Gameplay Info
Next pieces 1 (toggleable)
Playfield dimensions 10 × 20 visible
Hold piece No
Hard drop Hard drop with lock delay only
Rotation system Unique

Zentris is a Tetris game made by Robert J. Sundling in 1991. There is a evaluation version downloadable, a full game costs 10 dollars. It was followed by Super Zentris.

There are unlimited number of levels. You gain one level on every 20 line clears. You get points for every drop depending on how many rows there are to bottom row when you press drop or when your piece lands without dropping. So you get 19 points if you drop instantly. Every line clear is worth 100 points, but you get extra 1500 if you clear tetris.

Zentris has a lock delay but not wall kick. It has DAS depending on your repeat delay. Line clear gravity is naive. There are a little delays after line clears and longer one after tetris line clear.

The game has sounds.


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