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Techmino icon.png
Developer(s)26F Studio
Platform(s)Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, macOS
Latest releasea0.17.0 / December 6, 2021
Gameplay info
Next pieces0-6
Playfield size10 × 1~100
Hold pieceYes (up to 6)
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemTechmino Rotation System(TRS)
ARS_Z (MrZ's version of ARS)
Techmino title.png
Techmino ingame.png

Techmino is a multi-platform, open-source fan game developed by 26F Studio. It is available for Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, macOS devices.


Techmino features standard Tetris Guideline rules of gameplay; most of the mechanics can also be modified in-game. Pieces can be controlled using either a keyboard, a controller, or touchscreen buttons. To unlock other modes, you have to get at least a B rank. Every mode (except the infinite ones) has a ranking system, which uses the letters B, A, S, U, and X. The better you are at a mode (e.g. your speed in the sprint mode), the better your rank.


  • Sprint — Time attack mode. Goal amount sub-modes ranges from 10 Lines to 1,000 Lines. Pentominoes and MPH (memoryless, previewless; hold-less) are also available.
  • Marathon(unlocked after clearing Sprint 40L) — Standard fixed-goal mode. Two variants are available: Normal (standard speed curve) and Hard (faster speed curve)All variants have a 200-line goal. Hidden Extreme sub-mode (you must only clear non-combo single lines or the game ends)
  • Ultra (unlocked after clearing Zen mode) — 2-minute score attack mode.
  • Master20G mode, with 6 sub-modes:
    • Normal (unlocked after clearing 50 lines in Hard Marathon) — 1000 levels, with a change to bone blocks on Level 900, and a torikan of 4min 20s on lvl500.
    • Hard (unlocked after reach Lv.200 in Master Normal) — same level goal, but with a shorter lock delay, changes to bone blocks on Level 500, and with a torikan of 3min 3s on lvl500.
    • GrandMaster Extra — simulates TGM3's invisible credit roll, but has another set of grade names: D,C,B,A,A+,S-,S,S+,S+,SS,SS,U,U,X,X+, from 0 grade point to 14 grade points, but points are capped at 12.4, 1.6 remaining points will be given after surviving 60s.
    • Final — Master mode with step reset.
    • Phantasm — A more difficult level-based challenge mode with 9 stages:
      • Stage 1 — 0 - 11 lines — Clear 3 quadruple line clears continuously to complete this level.
      • Stage 2 — 12 - 25 lines — Slight speedup, the S and Z, and J and L colors are now swapped.
      • Stage 3 — 26 - 41 lines — Slight speedup, dig all the garbage blocks. Pieces return to regular colors. (If you get here without using Hold, you get a 1up)
      • Stage 4 — 42 - 61 lines — Speed up, it becomes bone blocks, and you lose the ability to use Hold.
      • Stage 5 — 62 - 125 lines — Lock delay is now reset with step reset instead of move reset. You get a 1up at the start.
      • Stage 6 — 126 - 161 lines — Speed up. You get a 1up at the start.
      • Stage 7 — 162 - 225 lines — Speed up even more. Pieces now disappear after 3 seconds. You regain the ability to use Hold. You get a 1up at the start.
      • Stage 8 — 226 - 259 lines — The pieces return to regular colors. The pieces disappear after 1.5 seconds. You get a 1up at the start.
      • Stage 9 — 260+ lines — Game slows down. Piece colors are randomized. You have to clear 8 quadruple line clears to win (other clears are allowed). Pieces disappear after 2/3 of a second. You get a 1up at the start.
    • M21 — Plays similarly to Tetris Effect's *Master* mode, and ends after 200 lines.
  • Survival — Clear as many garbage lines as possible before topping out.
  • CPU Battle — Defeat the AI opponent in the fastest time possible. 2-player (Turn-Based and Battle), 49-player, and 99-player (unlocked after clearing Hard) modes are available, each with selectable levels of difficulty.
  • Drought — 100-Line Sprint mode with a special randomizer:
  1. first stage: use 14-bag but without I pieces and can't O-spin.
  2. second stage: first 3 blocks are always to be I piece and the next piece due to the current map(no O-spin).
  • Dig — Clear the required amount of garbage lines in the fastest time possible. 10-Line, 40-Line, 100-line, and 400-line sub-modes are available.
  • Zen — 200-lines Marathon mode with low constant gravity.
  • Infinite (unlock after clear zen mode)— Endless mode. Normal, Dig, Marathon can be selected.
    • Normal — simulated to practice mode.
    • dig — simulated to infinity dig mode.
    • Marathon — gravity would keep increasing, switch to 20G at 400 lines, and lock delay would keep decreasing, clear 1700 lines to complete.
  • Invisible — Invisible mode, with six levels of difficulty:
    • Half — Locked pieces disappear after 5 seconds.
    • All — Locked pieces disappear right after they appear.
    • Sudden — Locked pieces do not appear.
    • Sudden+ — Same with Sudden, but there is no ghost piece.
    • ? — Same with Sudden+, but the active piece is invisible.
    • WTF — Same with ?, but you can't see the NEXT pieces (play with the piece spawning sounds). The only things visible is the pause/retry button, the lines counter, the score, the time, and the finesse counter.
  • Classic — Replicates the mechanics of Tetris (NES, Nintendo). Has 3 levels of difficulty (Easy: level 9 start, Normal: level 18 start, Ultimate: level 29 start) and uses Techmino's score system.
  • Tech(unlock after clear big bang(unfinished)) — 100-Attack Sprint mode, and had 4 modes:
    • Sprint Attack — no handicap 100-attack sprint.
      • Sprint efficiency — make as most attack as possible in 40 lines.
      • Tech Finesse — Tech, but you have to have perfect finesse, or you will game over.
      • Tech — B2B only include 3 levels(plus for spin/PC only) :
        • normal - no gravity and lock delay.
        • hard - normal gravity and lock delay.
        • lunatic - 20G mode and normal lock delay.
  • TSD (after clear tech normal+)— TSD challenge, you can only do T-Spin Doubles(no O-spin to T piece), and with 3 levels:
    • easy - Normal TSD mode.
    • hard - Can't clear 4 TSDs that rotation center at the same row.
    • ultimate - When TSD clear, the row would change to red color, and couldn't clear TSD at these rows until cleared 4 TSDs
  • Backfire (after clear tech normal+)— 100-Attack Sprint mode but your attacks will be sent to your own field and if have penalty garbage, the attack will cancel it and send back same attack.
  • Multiplayer — Room-based online game (settings can be changed), spectating is supported.

There is 5 hidden/command only mode.

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