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Techmino icon.png
Developer(s)26F Studio
Platform(s)Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, macOS
Latest releasea0.14.4 / April 13, 2021
Gameplay info
Next pieces0-6
Playfield size10 × 1~100
Hold pieceYes (up to 6)
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemTechmino Rotation System
Techmino title.png
Techmino ingame.png

Techmino is a multi-platform, open-source fan game developed by 26F Studio. It is available for Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, macOS devices.


Techmino features standard Tetris Guideline rules of gameplay; most of the mechanics can also be modified in-game. Pieces can be controlled using either a keyboard or touchscreen buttons.


  • Sprint — Time attack mode. Goal amount sub-modes range from 10 Lines to 1,000 Lines. Hidden modes for pentominoes, no rotation / movement, and MPH (memoryless, previewless; hold-less) are also available.
  • Marathon(unlock after clear 40 lines sprint) — Standard fixed-goal mode. Three variants are available: Normal (standard speed curve), Hard (faster speed curve), and Extreme; the latter requires the player to only make non-combo single line clears. All variants have a 200-line goal.
  • Ultra(unlock after clear zen mode) — 2-minute score attack mode.
  • Master20G mode, with 5 levels of difficulty:
  1. Master lunatic (unlock after clearing 50 lines in marathon hard) — reach level 500, and change to bone block in lv 400
  2. Master ultimate(unlock after reach lv 300 in lunatic) — shorter lock delay to lunatic, and change to bone block in lv 300
  3. GrandMaster Extra — simmulate to TGM3 invisible credit roll, but has higher grade cap: U need 11 grade points,

and X need 14 grade points and survival 60s (D~SS is same as TGM3's M7~GM)

  1. Master Final — simmulate to Nullpomino final
  2. Master Phantasm

(Unlock those 3 level above need to reach lv 200 in ultimate)

  • Survival — Clear as many garbage lines as possible before topping out.
  • CPU Battle — Defeat the AI opponent in the fastest time possible. 2-player, 49-player, and 99-player (unlock after clear battle hard) modes are available, each with selectable levels of difficulty.
  • Drought — 100-Line Sprint mode with a special randomizer that lessens or removes I pieces.
  • Dig — Clear the required amount of garbage lines in the fastest time possible. 10-Line and 40-Line sub-modes are available.
  • Zen — Marathon mode with low constant gravity.
  • Infinite (unlock after clear zen mode)— Endless mode. Marathon or Dig can be selected.
  • Blind — Invisible mode, with six levels of difficulty.
  • Classic — Replicates the mechanics of Tetris (NES, Nintendo) on Level 18 start.
  • Tech(unlock after clear big bang(unfinish, just drop a block)) — 200-Attack Sprint mode. Various sub-modes emphasizing on T-Spins and Perfect clears.
  • TSD (after clear tech normal+)— TSD challenge, you can only do T-Spin Doubles
  • Backfire (after clear tech normal+)— 100-Attack Sprint mode but your attacks will be sent to your own field.
  • Multiplayer — Online 1v1 matches / 5 players FFA.

(Zen,Master,Survival,Big Bang,CPU Battle, blind,classic need clear 100 lines in marathon normal)
(dig,drought need to clear 40L)

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