Heboris (FM Towns)

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This article is about the FM Towns version. For the completely different and much more known Microsoft Windows version, see Heboris.
Heboris (FM Towns)
Developer(s)Kenji Hosimoto
Publisher(s)Kenji Hosimoto
Platform(s)FM Towns, FM Towns Marty
Latest release0.6 (1999-06-02)
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size10w x 24h (24h visible)
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropNo
Rotation systemCustom
Heboris FMT Title.png
Heboris FMT Gameplay.png

Heboris is a game developed for the FM Towns by Kenji Hosimoto, aka Hosiken. It is also compatible with the FM Towns Marty.

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After the title screen, the game starts immediately, playing not unlike Sega Tetris '88.

The rotation system is BPS-like with two states for the S, Z and I pieces (Only down and left states are used for the I and Z pieces, and only down and right for S).

The game saves scores for the first 50 leaderboard entries.

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