Yet Another Tetris

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Yet Another Tetris
Developer(s) Peter Mueller
Publisher(s) Peter Mueller
Release date(s) 1991
Platform(s) Windows 3.x
Gameplay Info
Next pieces One
Playfield dimensions 12 × 20 (default)
Hold piece No
Hard drop Yes (non-locking)
Rotation system

Yet Another Tetris was created by a single developer, Peter Mueller, and released as public domain software. The game allows players to construct and play with their own piece sets. Players may specify the shapes, rotation states, and graphics for each custom piece, along with the level at which the piece may first appear, and the number of points awarded for placing the piece. All pieces spawn with random orientations.


The playfield size can be adjusted. Width can be between 6 and 29, while height can be between 6 and 22.

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