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Developer(s) Proline Software
Release date(s) 1993
Platform(s) PC (DOS)
Gameplay Info
Next pieces 0-4
Playfield dimensions 10×20
Hold piece No
Hard drop
Rotation system

NYET III - The Revenge of the Mutant Stones is a shareware Tetris clone for MS-DOS made by Proline Software and the sequel to NYET II.

The game consists of 7 blocks of 18 levels, in which the aim is to clear a set number of lines. Each level has its own gimmicks.

In addition, through playing the player will earn money which they can use to purchase power-ups, such as the "scanner" showing previews of the next four pieces.


Money is earned as follows:

  • Clearing lines:
    • Single = 1
    • Double = 2
    • Triple = 5
    • Tetris = 10
  • Clearing levels
  • Diamonds:
    • Ruby = 5
    • Emerald = 3
    • Opal = 1
  • Special tasks: These appear after clearing a full row of levels. Special tasks are optional and require money to attempt, and clearing a special task will give the player an extra reward.


These are the levels from the full version.

No. Lines Difficulty Reward Notes
1 1 No gimmicks.


Item Cost In-game description
Camera 5 Freezes the picture.
Score 10 Increases your score about 500.
Changer 10 Changes a stone into another.
Beanpole 15 Changes any stone into a beanpole.
Sonar 20 Only useful in perfect bonus levels.
Bomb 25 Simply try out!
Row Destroyer Class I 30 Destroys the rows to go.
Row Destroyer Class II 30 Destroys one row at the bottom of the field.
Parachute 30 Slows down gamespeed.
Little Black-Box 40 Simplified a level immediately.
Scanner Module EX-5000 45 Repairs one scanner monitor.
Snakefork 50 Stops an active snake.
Simply Red 50 Dies all stones on screen in red.
Ghostbuster 50 The ghosts are afraid of this.
Steel into Stone 55 Changes steel into stone.
Keyboard 55
Handcuffs 60
Bucket 60
Surprise 70
Electrical Engineer 70
Poison 75
Lady Lynn 80
Nuclear bomb 80
Save game 80 You must pay for that.
Passport 90
Big Black-Box 130
Terminator 190 Exit from current level.
Steel into Diamonds 200


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