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Full HD Tetris

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Full HD Tetris
Developer(s) NGworks
Publisher(s) NGworks
Release date(s) 2008-12-07 (original) / 2008-12-16 (more) / 2008-12-18 (Kai) / 2008-12-31 (Pentris)
Platform(s) Flash
Gameplay Info
Next pieces 1
Playfield dimensions 96w x 54h (original/Kai)
320w x 180h (more)
60w x 33h (Pentris)
Hold piece No
Hard drop No (two speeds of soft drop)
Rotation system
Full HD Tetris title.png Full HD Tetris ingame.png

A series of web games with super-large playfields. Inspired by Full HD Space Invaders.

Pieces spawn at random locations at the top of the screen. Each game has two soft drop keys. Space soft drops slowly, while Enter soft drops quickly. Each game has a pause function, but the pause function only lasts for a maximum of five minutes, and cannot be used again until a line is cleared.

Lines are scored by 10 * 2^(number of simultaneous lines) e.g. 20 for Single, 160 for Tetris.


The original. Supposedly there is a small chance of getting a 8-block I piece.


Larger playfield. The pieces may be hard to see.


Adds large tetrominos (2x and 3x block sizes). 12 lines can be cleared at once using a 3x size I, scoring 40960 points.


Uses pentominoes instead of tetrominoes. The blocks are larger, so the playfield is only 60 squares wide now.


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