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Developer(s)Mute Fantasies
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size11 × ?
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropNo

Tetripz is a tetromino game created by Mute Fantasies. This variation simulates what Tetris might be like under the influence of various drugs.

This game was created for MS-DOS and VESA displays, thus it might not run correctly under newer computers. You can try getting it to run under DOSBox, though it is not guaranteed to work.


  • 11-cell-wide playfield
  • Counterclockwise rotation only
  • No wall kick
  • Pure randomizer
  • DAS rate equals DAS delay, that is, two ticks of the PC's 18.2 Hz clock
  • All seven tetrominoes have identical texture
  • Soft drop

When you leave a small gap, a message will appear below the playing field. Likewise, you will also get messages for clearing more than one line.


Trippy visuals include full-screen bump mapping using palette animation; software mode 7 effects such as rotations, zooms, and other distortions of the playfield; and lens effects.


The music used in this version is in a tracked format designed for use with Sound Blaster and other sound cards that use the AdLib chipset. It is internal, so it may be rather difficult, if possible at all, to rip it.

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