Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2

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Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2
Arika tgm2 title.jpg
Platform(s)Psikyo arcade PCB
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size20hx10w
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropYes (Sonic Drop)
Arika tgm2 gameselect.jpg
Arika tgm2 ingame.jpg

Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 is the second arcade game in Arika's TGM series. Shortly after it was released Arika offered a free upgrade to a PLUS version, which added TGM+ mode and the famous Death Mode while also creating quite possibly the longest official title for a Tetris game ever: Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS.

Game Modes


Normal mode behaves just like Master mode in speed and timing, but stops at level 300. At levels 100 and 200 a special item block (also found in versus play) is given to the player. "Free Fall", which moves all blocks in the field down through holes (like gravity being turned on) is given at 100 and "Del Even" which clears every other row throughout the field is given at 200. The credit roll challenge is a slow 20g, but playing through it is not required for a "Clear".


Master mode is Arika's upgrade to the original Tetris The Grand Master gameplay and behaves very much like that game. One of the most important differences is that the speeds continue to increase throughout the 500–999 levels, similar to but not exactly like 0–499 of T.A. Death (below), as opposed to topping off at TGM's 20g mode speed. Also, a hard drop that doesn't lock was introduced, improving sub-20g play by giving birth to the Zangi-moves. The ranking system is also much less forgiving and former TGM Gm class players will find themselves struggling to make S7 or even finish for that matter. Perhaps the most infuriating addition to the Gm qualifications is an invisible challenge during the credit roll where pieces disappear immediately after being locked; topping out results in rank M. Arika is currently hosting a video showing a Gm performance: tgm2master.


Doubles is a two player cooperative mode that puts both players in one well that is 14 units wide instead of 10. It is accessed by entering a special code, though in TAP it was made selectable from the menu in TAP.

Each player has a separate level counter, and both players must reach level 300 for the win. Though the level counter does not stop at every x99 as in standard modes, the final 299 does require a line change to 300. If one player reaches 300 before the other, he enters 20g for the rest of the game. It is quite difficult to survive for long with 20g in such a wide well, so winning requires a fine degree of coordination between the players so that they reach 300 synchronously.