Hatris (NES)

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Developer(s)ParaGraph Intl.
Publisher(s)Bullet-Proof Software
  • US: 1992
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size6 × ?
Hard dropYes


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Hat Types

Name Score First Level
Derby 50 01
Cowboy Hat 80 00
Baseball Cap 120 00
Top Hat 150 00
Wizard Hat 200 03
Crown 300 06


The NES version of Hatris awards two types of Helper icons for clearing five sets of certain hats. Clearing five sets of derbies, baseball caps, or cowboy hats awards a Vladimir icon. Clearing five sets of top hats, wizard hats, or crowns awards an Alexey icon. A maximum of eight Helper icons can be stocked at a time.

Pressing the B button removes any hats under active control from the playfield, and calls out the helper associated with the most recently awarded icon. Vladimir is able to swap two selected columns of hats. Alexey is able to remove up to five hats from the bottoms of selected columns of hats.

At the end of each level, the player is given the option to either keep or cash-in each of their stocked Helper icons. Each icon is worth if cashed in. Remaining Helper icons are also automatically cashed-in after completing the final level in the game: Shop 5 Level 9.

Famicom Version

Developer(s)Bullet-Proof Software
Publisher(s)Bullet-Proof Software
  • JP: 1990
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size6 × ?
Hard dropYes

The Famicom version of Hatris was released two years earlier than the NES version. There are a number of differences between the two versions of the game. The Famicom version does not feature a bonus for scoring a "hatris" (clearing sets with both hats in a pair). It also does not feature the Helpers introduced in the NES version. (Conversely, the NES version does not feature the Sale screen.)

Hat Types

Name Score First Level
Derby[a] 50 00
Mountaineering Hat[b] 80 00
Cowboy Hat[c] 120 00
Top Hat[d] 150 00
Wizard Hat[e] 200 01
Crown[f] 300 02


Instead of the Helper system, the Famicom version of Hatris had a Sale screen at the end of each stage similar to the one found in various other Hatris games. Selecting a hat type at the Sale screen removes all of that hat type from the screen. Unlike the arcade version, there is no additional scoring bonus associated with strategic use of the Sale system to form and clear hat stacks sized greater than five.


  1. Japanese: 山高帽 Hepburn: yamataka bōshi, bowler hat
  2. Japanese: 登山用・ハット Hepburn: tozan-yō hatto
  3. Japanese: カウボーイ・ハット Hepburn: kaubōi hatto
  4. Japanese: シルク・ハット Hepburn: shiruku hatto, silk hat
  5. Japanese: トンガリ帽 Hepburn: tongari-bō, pointed hat
  6. Japanese: 王冠 Hepburn: ōkan