Hatris (PC Engine)

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Developer(s)Micro Cabin
Publisher(s)Micro Cabin
Platform(s)PC Engine
  • JP: 1991
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size6 × ?
Hard dropYes


See also: Hatris series gameplay overview

The PC Engine version has mechanics similar to that of the the Famicom version, but includes fireballs and has a graphical style more reminiscent of the Arcade version.

Hat Types

Name Score First Stage
Bowler Hat[a] 50 0
Mountain Climbing Hat[b] 80 0
Umbrella Cap[c] 120 0
Silk Hat[d] 150 2
Pointed Hat[e] 200 4
Crown[f] 300 7

The set of included hats is based on current Stage alone, without regard for reaching later Shops. This also means that the rows of random hats filling the hat after completing Stage 9 and reaching the next Shop level will only include the hats available at Stage 0. By contrast, selecting a higher starting Stage of a given Shop can include more hat types, resulting in a more difficult starting playfield than would be presented when normally playing through stage-by-stage.


In addition to the six hats, there are also two types of fireballs that can appear as part of a piece pair. The standard red fireball burns the topmost hat set in the column it is placed. However, fireballs cannot burn crowns. Blue fireballs burn an entire column of hats. Blue fireballs are also extinguished upon reaching a crown in the column. No points are awarded for hats burned by fireballs.


At the end of each level, the Sale menu appears. The player is given the choice to remove all of one hat type from the playfield, or cancel and advance to the next level. If the player removes a hat type from the screen, that hat type will be crossed out on the next Sale screen and will be unavailable for selection. Unlike the arcade version, no additional points are awarded for forming and clearing hat sets including more than five hats.


  1. Japanese: 山高帽 Hepburn: yamataka bōshi
  2. Japanese: 登山用 Hepburn: tozan-yō
  3. Japanese: 傘帽 Hepburn: kasa-bō
  4. Japanese: シルクハット Hepburn: shiruku hatto
  5. Japanese: トンガリ帽子 Hepburn: tongari bōshi
  6. Japanese: 王冠 Hepburn: ōkan