Hatris (Sharp Wizard)

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Developer(s)Micro Cabin
Publisher(s)Micro Cabin
Platform(s)Sharp PA-9500
  • JP: Dec 1990
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size6 × ?
Hard dropYes
Organizer Hatris
Developer(s)Micro Cabin
Platform(s)Sharp OZ/IQ-8000
  • NA/EU: 1991
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size6 × ?
Hard dropYes


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Hat Types

Name Score First Stage
Derby hat[a] 50 0
Mountain climbing hat[b] 80 0
Cowboy hat[c] 120 0
Top hat[d] 150 1
Pointed hat[e] 200 3
Crown[f] 300 6

The set of included hats is based on current Stage alone, without regard for reaching later Shops.


Selecting a hat type at the Sale screen removes all of that hat type from the screen. If the player chooses to remove a hat type, it will be unavailable for selection on subsequent Sale screens of the current Shop. Reaching the "Coffee Break" screen at the end of a Shop refreshes the available selection of hats on the Sale screen.

The player may instead choose to Pass on the Sale screen. Electing to Pass awards a bonus of points.

There is no additional scoring bonus associated with strategic use of the Sale system to form and clear hat stacks sized greater than five.

Version differences

The Japanese version was released for then-new PA-9500 organizer, which was introduced a month prior in October 1990. It benefits from the higher resolution screen of the PA-9500, and is played with the unit held upright.

The Western version was released for the Sharp OZ/IQ-8000 organizers. Given the limited vertical resolution of the screen on these units, this version was designed to display with the screen rotated to a vertical orientation (much like Tetris (Sharp Wizard)) and has reduced detail on hat graphics.


  1. Japanese: 山高帽 Hepburn: yamataka bōshi, bowler hat
  2. Japanese: 登山用ハット Hepburn: tozan-yō hatto
  3. Japanese: カウボーイハット Hepburn: kaubōi hatto
  4. Japanese: シルクハット Hepburn: shiruku hatto, silk hat
  5. Japanese: トンガリ帽子 Hepburn: tongari bōshi
  6. Japanese: 王冠 Hepburn: ōkan

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