Toushinsai 2021

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Toushinsai 2021
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Toushinsai 2021 flyer

Toushinsai 2021: Revenge is the 6th annual esports arcade tournament held by Taito and NTT e-Sports. It is the second year that TAP is part of the game lineup, and the first year where a final will be held.

The finals were coincidentally held during the Carnival of Death.


Regional qualifying

Regional qualifying rounds were held across Tokyo. The winner and Runner up qualified for the finals, leaving two spots open for the finals.

Kansai area

Date: January 15
Location: A-cho
Winner: Kashiwa (かしわ)
Runner-up: P-Zero
Number of entrants: 2?

Kanto area

Date: February 5
Location: HEY
Winner: Koryan (コーリャン)
Runner-up: HBT
Number of entrants: 4

Chubu area

Date: February 19
Location: Nyarise (ニャライズ)
Winner: KOO
Runner-up: DA-FU
Number of entrants: 2?

Same day qualifying

On March 26, the day of the finals, up to 16 participants were allowed attempt to qualify for the finals. Seven players registered.

  • emaame
  • tyu_ba (つぶなめ)
  • urunee (えすけん, Esken)
  • konku
  • KENTRiS (けんとりす)
  • Nik (おにく)
  • nicofromtokyo

The two players to qualify were Sken and Nik.


The finals are to take place on march 26, 2022 at EXBAR TOKYO plus in Shinjuku City, Tokyo.


  • 8 players
  • 1 on 1 matches
  • Level 999
  • Best of 3 matches
  • T.A. Death cement mode (no items or garbage)
  • Final round is best of 5


Haru Kazuki (香月ハル)


  • Chikurin (ちくりん)
  • Hitoshi Hirashima (平嶋 仁, jin8) - Producer at Arika
  • Yuichi Toyama (外山雄一) - Producer at Taito


Round 1 Semifinals Finals
1 Nik 0
2 Koryan 2
Koryan 2
4 DA-FU 2
3 P-Zero 0
Koryan 0
Kashiwa 3
6 Kashiwa 2
5 Esken 0
Kashiwa 2
7 KOO 2
8 HBT 0

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