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The Carnival of Death is a yearly celebration of T.A.Death, a game mode in TAP, held on the week of March 25th. Players have a week to submit scores from the mode, from the original game or fan made games to a leaderboard. At the end of the week, all the scores are tallied up into a DEATH TOLL.


"So in Japan, when TAP was the latest TGM installment, players would meet up for a "celebration of death mode". These gatherings, wholly unofficial, were simply a way assemble enough players together to have a vs death mode tournament, to share strategies, or even to just simply observe famous players in action. Awesomely enough, when machine translated, "celebration of death mode" turned into carnival of death. Hardcore. Twisted Evil

I'm looking to try and organize a carnival of death on the March 25th, or 3/25 by the American calendar. The so called "torikan date"." --colour_thief, 2008

As of 2021, the Carnival of Death is now hosted on

Past Carnivals of Death
Year # Players Death Toll
2008 17 7,906
2009 46 19,365
2010 41 20,596
2011 41 22,082
2012 25 14,963
2013 22 13,583
2014 34 20,797
2015 53 27,201
2016 63 30,520
2017 89 42,045
2018 58 30,477
2019 46 22,304
2020 59 33,390
2021 118 52,447

Carnival of Derp

The Carnival of Derp is a side event, originally organized by TPM2209, that takes place at the same time as the Carnival of Death. First held in 2016, the aim of Carnival of Derp is to play T.A. Death mode using a ruleset different from normal (e.g. Ti-ARS, SRS). Since its inception, the Carnival of Derp has turned into a demo scene of rule exploitations, looking for ever more creative ways to bend the rules of a rotation system to get an optimal score in a game mode that's still technically T.A. Death.

Because players can play multiple rulesets and submit one score per ruleset, the Carnival of Derp has two tolls: a Derp Toll, which counts all scores from all players and all rulesets, and a Herp Toll, which only counts the best score from each player.

Note that the 2021 Carnival of Derp was not hosted on TetrisConcept. Instead, it was hosted in two different places, linked in the footnote.

Past Carnivals of Derp
Year Herp Toll Derp Toll
2016 1,998 1,998
2017 3,131 5,072
2018 6,562 12,460
2019 6,583 12,213
2020 1,998 5,976
2021[1] 10,168 28,192
  1. Combining scores from the forum and the the Discord server (leaderboard).

Carnival of Darkness

The Carnival of Darkness is another event held on May 23 (5/23, the "torikan date" of level 800 in Phantom Mania), to encourage the playing of Phantom Mania, a version of Death where the pieces turn invisible once they lock.

There are three possible rulesets to play for Phantom Mania, each with its own leaderboard.

  • The Classic leaderboard tracks plays using the Classic ARS ruleset (Classic2 in Nullpomino).
  • The Terror leaderboard tracks plays using the Ti-ARS ruleset (Classic3 in Nullpomino).
  • The Super leaderboard tracks plays using the SRS ruleset (Standard-Hard or Standard-EXP in Nullpomino).

The scores from all three leaderboards are added up to create a Total Darkness Level for the entire Carnival.

Past Carnivals of Darkness
Year Classic Terror Super Total
2019 806 577 1,433 2,816
2020 [1]
2021 1,762 310 1,174 3,246
  1. The Carnival was held on February 2 that year, but nobody showed up.

Carnival of Doom

The Carnival of Doom is an event held on May 13 (5/13, which looks like S13), to celebrate the Shirase mode of TGM3 (known as Devil-Doom in Heboris, hence the name).

Both Classic and World rules are allowed for this event, and are tracked on the same scoreboard.

Past Carnivals of Doom
Year # Players Death Toll
2021 31 23,089