Pandora's Blocks

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Pandora's Blocks
Developer(s)Randy Thiemann (Pandora Nova)
Platform(s)Game Boy
ReleaseOctober 23, 2023
Latest release1.8 (February 12, 2024)
Gameplay info
Next pieces3
Playfield size20 × 10
Hold pieceYes, with IHS
Hard dropSonic or Hard drop
Rotation systemARS, Ti ARS, Sega, Myco
DMGTRIS title.png
DMGTRIS ingame.png
Game Boy Color mode
DMGTRIS color title.png
DMGTRIS color ingame.png

Pandora's Blocks, formerly DMGTRIS, is an open-source homebrew game for the Game Boy inspired by the TGM series. The source code for the game is written in assembly and is available under the GPL-3.0 license.


Pandora's Blocks features mechanics largely based on the TGM series, including IRS (Initial Rotation System), IHS (Initial Hold System), and step reset lock delay. The game has a BIG mode, 20G option, and multiple choices for the randomizer, rotation system, and speed curve.


  • TGM1
  • TGM2
  • TGM3
  • HELL: Memoryless (completely random) randomizer.
  • 1ROL: If a piece matches the previous piece, it is rerolled once, similar but not identical to the randomizer in Tetris (NES, Nintendo)

Rotation System

  • ARS1: The Arika Rotation System used in TGM1 and TGM2
  • ARS2: ARS with the changes introduced in TGM3 (additional kicks).
  • SEGA: The rotation system used in Tetris (Sega, 1988)
  • MYCO: ARS1 except that I pieces are allowed to kick and there is no center column restriction. The name refers to mycophobia, the developer who created this rotation system for version 1 of Tromi.

Speed Curve

  • DMGT: Default endless speed curve
  • TGM1
  • TGM3
  • DEAT: Based on T.A. Death mode from TAP
  • SHIR: Based on Shirase mode from TGM3
  • CHIL: Slower paced speed curve
  • MYCO: Based on version 1 of Tromi.

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