Tetris The Grand Master (series)

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TGM pages needs

Compile data and order them in a logical menu


compile data like this page : the-shell.net TGM legend

  • TGM : Tetris The GrandMaster (Arcade Japan Exclusive)
  • TAP : Tetris the Absolute GrandMaster Plus (Arcade Japan Exclusive)
  • TI : Tetris The GrandMaster 3 Terror Instinct (Arcade Japan Exclusive)
  • ACE : Tetris The GrandMaster ACE : (XBOX 360 Japan Exclusive)
  • Tetrion
  • Tetromino (piece)
  • Bloc
  • Step
  • Stack
  • Row
  • Tetris
  • Combo
  • Bravo
  • Frame
  • Shift/move
  • rotation
  • Delayed Auto Shift (DAS)
  • Drop
  • Sonic Drop
  • Gravity (G)
  • 20G
  • Lock Delay
  • Initial Rotating System (IRS)
  • Temporary Landing System (TLS)
  • Level
  • LevelStep
  • Grade Recognition System (GRS)
  • ARE

Game mode Achievment

Rotation system

ok you certainly know the basics, but certainly it's not sufficient if you want to become a Gm Class player

Rotation system is based on Tetris (Sega). So there are many differences from the "World Rule" of The Tetris Company. I write about "Tetris the Grand Master". It is a origin of "Tetris The Grand Master Series".

Basic block flow

  1. Check the Initial Rotation
  2. A block appears
  3. loop until a block locked.
    1. Check a block actions. (Actions effect following the below sequence in a frame.)
      1. Rotation
      2. Horizonal Move
      3. Vertical Drop
    2. Check to lock a block

Rotation Rule

Time Attack

stuff that you MUST learn.

20G build

blinded challenge

Wall Kick Analysis

Synchro Analysis

miscanellous Tips

  • 4 directionnal Arcade Stick limitation need

Temp Idea data

  • Japanese/French support