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Tetris Friends
Tetris Friends icon.jpg
Developer(s)Tetris Online, Inc.
Publisher(s)Tetris Online, Inc.
Platform(s)Web (Flash)
August, 2008
November 22, 2008
Gameplay info
Next pieces5 (most modes)
4 (Survival)
1 (1989, N-Blox)
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceIn all modes except 1989 and N-Blox
Hard dropIn all modes except 1989 and N-Blox
Rotation systemSRS (most modes)
Tetris DX rotation with S/Z kicks only (1989)
Original (N-Blox)
Tetris Friends title.png
Tetris Friends ingame.png

Tetris Friends was a Tetris game available at tetrisfriends.com. It was permanently shut down on May 31, 2019 due to Tetris Online, Inc. ceasing their operations. The game was also available on Facebook until it was removed on August 31, 2012 in favor of the standalone Tetris Battle app. [1]

Gameplay details

  • ARE: No
  • Initial actions (IRS,IHS): Each is pay-to-unlock for 9 "Rubies" (~$1.20 USD)
  • T-Spin detection
    • Website version
      • 1989 and N-Blox mode: None
      • All other modes: 3-corner T
    • Facebook version
      • Ultra, Battle+, and Battle+6P mode: 3-corner T
      • BlockStar mode: None
      • All other modes: 3-corner T no kick
  • Combo bonus: Yes


Mode availability

Both versions

  • Marathon
  • Sprint
  • Ultra
  • Sprint 5P

Website only

  • Battle 2P
  • Battle 6P
  • Rally 8P
  • Survival
  • Arena
  • 1989
  • N-Blox

Facebook version only

  • Battle+
  • Battle+ 6P
  • BlockStar

Single player

  • Marathon

Standard variable-goal Marathon mode with 15-level limit.
In the website version, this mode always starts from level 1; in the Facebook version, starting level is selectable.
If you reach a certain level, you can unlock additional skins.
The Tetris Friends version of Marathon has a variable-goal system where the method used to level up is to clear a certain number of goal lines that increases per level. The optimal way to achieve a high score is by using the Single-line combo strategy.

  • Sprint

Clear 40 lines as fast as possible.

  • Ultra

2 minutes ultra mode. Score as many points as possible within 2 minutes.
In the Facebook version, music is selectable from 5 songs. In the website version, however, only the "Midnite" music is available.
This mode was formerly known as Tetris Solo, and a 3-minute mode was also available.
The game starts at Level 1. Scores will not be saved in case of a top out.

T-Spin with wall kick is allowed on both versions; however, there are some graphical glitches. If you perform a T-Spin Triple, only the score marker (the floating "+1600" text) will be displayed.

  • Survival

Standard fixed-goal Marathon mode. After clearing 200 lines, you'll enter the "Bonus Level", which is a semi-invisible challenge. The game ends by a top out.

  • 1989

This mode simulates the Game Boy version, but with faster DAS, slower gravity at Level 15 onwards, and a short lock delay. A-Type and B-Type modes are available, but only the former has leaderboards.

  • N-Blox

A port of an unofficial Tetris game called N-Blox. It uses classic gameplay mechanics i.e. no wall kicks, unlimited level cap, and fixed controls.

  • BlockStar

This mode is a remake of the first Tetris game released on Facebook. Much like N-Blox and Tetris 1989, this mode uses classic gameplay mechanics.


  • Sprint 5P

Compete with 4 opponents in Sprint mode. Opponents are mostly previous ghost records, and randomly selected based on your current rank.

  • Battle 2P

2-minute Versus mode with line attack garbage system. Unlike most Tetris games with this mode, the garbage lines don't have holes, and they will only be cleared by sending more lines towards the opponent.
Top out the opponent 3 times to win the game. If the timer runs out, the amount of garbage lines sent will determine the winner.

As with Sprint 5P mode, asynchronous gameplay (battle against a previously recorded gameplay round) is used. You can also select a map to play on.

In the Facebook version, this mode was available as Battle+ mode, but later replaced by a Bomb version.

  • Battle 6P

Fight against five randomly selected opponents for 2 minutes. In the Facebook version, this mode was available as Battle+6P mode and the time limit was 3 minutes.

  • Arena (open beta)

2-6 player real-time battle game. Each garbage has single hole in it and erasable.
Unlike Tetris Online (Japan), clearing a line does not delay the rising garbage.
Some rooms have items, which can be used to attack opponents or assist you.
Unlike many other games, T-Spin Mini (T-Spin Single with wall kick) cannot send any garbage lines.
After 90-150 seconds, each player begins to receive one line of garbage every 3 seconds. Garbage given to you this way has no gaps at all and is unclearable.

  • Rally 8P (open beta)

The objective of this game is to clear your way down the obstacle course in order to reach the GOAL zone before your opponents do. This mode uses Sticky line clear gravity, but any contiguous group of the same color with 25 or more blocks will not disappear. You can compete with seven opponents (asynchronous gameplay). There are 12 items, but all are enabled randomly.

  • Battle+

Fight against a randomly selected opponent for 2 minutes. Each garbage has a bomb block, and explodes when you place a piece above it. Bomb explosions can start/continue the combo sequence. Unlike Battle 2P mode, you cannot remove garbage by attacking your opponent, and 5 KOs are required to win the round.

  • Battle+ 6P

Fight against five randomly selected opponent for 2 minutes (with bomb blocks).

Discontinued game modes

Acorn Drop

An Ice Age-themed Marathon game. All pieces have same colors AND designs. It was available in the website version.

Multiplayer mode star distribution

In all multiplayer modes except Arena, the player will either lose or earn stars depending on the result of the match. Losing a match with 0 stars will demote the player by one rank, while winning a match with 4 stars (e.g. getting 5 stars) will promote the player by one rank.

Star Spread Comparisons
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Battle 2P +1 -1 - - - - - -
Battle 6P +1 +0.5 ±0 ±0 -0.5 -1 - -
Rally 8P +1.5 +1 +0.5 ±0 ±0 -0.5 -1 -1.5
Sprint 5P +1 +0.5 ±0 -0.5 -1 - - -

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