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Tetris Online
Developer(s)Tetris Online Japan, Inc.
Publisher(s)Gungho Games
  • JP: June 5, 2007
Gameplay info
Next pieces1-6 (Default 3)
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetris Online (Japan) title.JPG
Tetris Online (Japan) ingame.JPG

Tetris Online (テトリスオンライン Tetorisu Onrain) is an official online multiplayer Tetris game for Microsoft Windows.

The game client is in Japanese, though there is currently an unofficial English translation patch here.


  • ARE, IRS and IHS are not present.
  • The Random Generator is used for piece distribution.
  • Line clear delay is minimal to non-existent depending on the upgrade level.


  • T-spin recognition is 3-corner T.
  • A T-spin Single that uses a wall kick is known as a "T-spin Mini" and is less powerful than a normal T-spin Single in both single player and multiplayer. A T-spin Double/Triple with a kick is still counted as a T-spin Double/Triple.

Back To Back

  • A Tetris or T-spin line clear is considered Back to Back (B2B/BtB) if the previous line clear was either a Tetris or T-spin.


  • REN is the Japanese term for combo.
  • Each consecutive line clear increases REN by 1 regardless of the type of line clear (Doubles/Triples/Tetrises only add 1 to the counter).
  • The REN counter is displayed for REN 1 or higher. The first line clear can be thought of as REN 0, and thus is not displayed.

Single Player

Single player is only available to Premium users. It consists of the following four modes:

Time Attack

A time attack mode in which the aim is to clear 40 lines as fast as possible, often referred to as Tetris Sprint or 40 lines.


  • The aim of Challenge is to maximize your score before the timer runs out.
  • Players begin the game at Level 1 with 2 minutes of time available.
  • There are 30 levels in total.
  • To clear a level, the player must bring the goal down to 0.
  • The goal of each level is equal to 5 times the level.
  • Completion of each level adds 30 seconds to the timer.
  • Overclearing does not affect the goal of the next level.
Line Clear Goal Reduction
Single 1
Double 3
Triple 5
Tetris 8
Tetris (B2B) 12
T-spin Mini 6
T-spin Mini (B2B) 9
T-spin Single 8
T-spin Single (B2B) 12
T-spin Double 12
T-spin Double (B2B) 18
T-spin Triple 16
T-spin Triple (B2B) 24
Perfect clear 24
  • A B2B line clear reduces the goal by 1.5 times more than its normal counterpart.
  • REN reduces the goal by floor(ren# / 2) (but not more than 10)


  • The aim is to maximize your score before the game ends.
  • There are 20 levels in total, the goal of each level is 10 lines.
  • Line clears carry over to the next level.
  • Line clears reduce the goal by the amount of lines cleared.
  • The maximum amount of lines clearable is 203.

Hori Tetris

  • The aim is to dig through a field of rising garbage.
  • Four difficulty levels exist:
    • Easy - 100 lines
    • Normal - 200 lines
    • Difficult - 400 lines
    • Very Difficult - 1000 lines

Multi Player

Multi Player consists of the following classes/rooms:

Class Free for All Team Play Maps AI Miscellaneous
Specials Yes Yes Yes No Special items available
Beginner Yes Yes Yes Yes 15 LPM or under only
Intermediate Yes Yes Yes Yes
Expert Yes Yes Yes Yes 20G
1v1 No No No No Ratings, 'King of the Hill' format
  • The maximum room size is 6. Premium users may create password-protected rooms.
  • Teams must be the same size before a team match can start.
  • After topping out, a player may choose to practice while waiting. The practice session continues until the current match ends.
  • In a 1v1 game room, the winner stays in the round and the loser joins the end of the queue of spectators.
  • TP earned after every match is calculated as follows:

TP = (players placed below you + 1) x (5 if premium, 1 otherwise) + (# of KOs)

Garbage Sends

Back to Back

A Back to Back line clear sends an additional line.

Multiple Line Clears

Lines Cleared Lines Sent
Single 0
Double 1
Triple 2
Tetris 4
Tetris (B2B) 5


  • Excluding the possible B2B bonus, T-spins send double the amount of lines cleared with the exception of T-spin Minis which send 1 line. There is a 2-line bonus for B2B T-spin Triple, bringing the total lines sent to 8.
Lines Cleared Lines Sent
Mini 1
Mini (B2B) 2
Single 2
Single (B2B) 3
Double 4
Double (B2B) 5
Triple 6
Triple (B2B) 8


REN # Lines Sent Total Sent
0 0 0
1 0 0
2 1 1
3 1 2
4 2 4
5 2 6
6 3 9
7 3 12
8 4 16
9 4 20
10 4 24
11 5 29
  • Above table only includes lines sent from REN.
  • Any REN above 11 will continue to send 5 additional lines each.

Perfect clear

Perfect clear sends extra 6 lines of garbage to all.


KO sends few (1,2 or 3) of extra to-all garbage lines too. Number of lines send depends on number of players in room and number of KO player got in the game.

  • Unlike normal garbage, to-all garbage is never used for garbage canceling.

Garbage Distribution

  • In a free for all match, a target cursor that randomly switches between players determines to whom your lines are sent.
  • Unlike other Tetris Guideline games (eg. Tetris DS, Tetris Splash, and Tetris Friends Live), the garbage holes do not line up or change randomly. Each line clear sends garbage to a single random column.

Possible garbage fields

1. Tetris, Tetris (B2B)


2. Single, Triple, Single, Tetris, T-spin Single (REN 4)



  • Training is only available to Premium users.
  • Training mode involves battling against the AI in a 1v1 match.
  • There are 24 levels consisting of 3 stages each:
    • Tetris
    • REN
    • T-spin


Premium Membership

A Premium membership gives access to all single and multiplayer modes along with other benefits such as increased TP from games and the ability to create password-protected games.

Premium Time Cost
30 days 315 yen
90 days 945 yen
180 days 1,890 yen
24 hours 1,000 TP

Note: When inviting a friend to join TOJ and provided the friend has successfully registered, both players will receive 3 days of free Premium Membership.
90-day and 180-day tickets are only sold on certain periods; if you have a Yahoo! Japan ID, you can purchase a 30-day ticket for 210 yen.

Lottery Balls

Lottery balls can be opened to give a random amount of TP. The amounts of TP given per lottery ball are 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 and 10000. This is the quickest way to buy upgrades.

Lottery Balls Cost
3 315 yen
6 630 yen
12 1,260 yen

VS Item

There are 3 items packs for Specials Mode available for purchase either through lottery balls or TP:

  • Sword (Offensive set)
  • Shield (Defensive set)
  • Happy Face (Interference set)

Multi-player Items: (available through lottery)

  • Garbage Tetris: When you do Tetris on VS COM or Multi mode, you send garbage with 2 gaps in the probability of ?% for ? games.
  • Garbage REN: When you do REN on VS COM or Multi mode, you send garbage with 2 gaps in the probability of ?% for ? games.
  • Garbage B2B: When you do Back to Back on VS COM or Multi mode, you send garbage with 2 gaps in the probability of ?% for ? games.
  • Garbage T-Spin: When you do T-Spin on VS COM or Multi mode, you send garbage with 2 gaps in the probability of ?% for ? games.
  • Anti-Miss: This item prevents your harddrop misses for ? games.


All upgrades start at level 0 except for piece previews which starts at level 2. 5 Upgrades are available:

  • Next piece previews - each level gives you (level + 1) piece previews
  • Sensitivity - each level will increase DAS speed
  • Soft drop speed - each level increases soft drop speed
  • Line clear delay - each level reduces line clear delay
  • Lock delay - This has very little effect in 0G gameplay. Lock delay upgrades will increase the amount of time before the piece will lock after it touches the floor.

It is recommended to upgrade sensitivity first, then soft drop speed if you use many T-spins and finally, line clear delay or previews depending on personal preference.

Level Cost in TP
1 200
2 500
3 1,000
4 3,000
5 5,000

Closing and legacy

On July 5th, 2011, Tetris Online Japan shut down their servers.
Currently, you can play TOJ using the fan-made client, Tetris Online Poland. Unlike TOJ, TOP has all Premium features and items available by default.