Tetra Legends

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Tetra Legends
Tetra Legends logo.svg
Developer(s)Dr Ocelot
Platform(s)Web (Native)
ReleaseNovember 26, 2019
Gameplay info
Next pieces0-6
Playfield size10 × 18 (Retro Handheld and Deluxe)
10 × 20 (other modes)
Hold pieceIn non-retro modes
Hard dropIn non-retro modes
Rotation systemSRS (SRS, SRS-X, World)
NRS (left-handed, right-handed, and DX versions)
Tetra Legends title.png
Tetra Legends ingame.png

Tetra Legends is a browser-based, single player fan game in development created by Dr Ocelot. It is the spiritual successor to his retired Tetr.js modification. A variety of guideline and retro modes are present, in addition to its original Tetra-X modes. Starting in November 2020, a fork of Tetra Legends named Tetra Legends Plus came as the spiritual successor to the original game.


The player can customize controls, rulesets, audio and video options to their liking. The tuning menu contains tuning options that can be changed, including the option to override the rotation system to a specific one, DAS, and ARR. If the rotation system is set to Auto, the game automatically selects a rotation system specific to a mode (Guideline: SRS-X; Tetra-X: Tetra-X, etc.).


A total of eleven modes are available, each with a different objective and gameplay.


There are six guideline modes playable. All of these modes use guideline standards, as the name implies.

  • Marathon: A standard game mode where the objective is to get the highest score possible. The starting level (Lvs. 1-20), line goal (150, 200 or endless) and level cap (Off, Lv. 15 or 20) can be adjusted. This is the mode the player is taken to when Quick Play is selected from the main menu.
  • Sprint: A mode where the player has to clear the line goal as fast a possible. The goal can be set to 20, 40, 100 or 200. Regulation mode can be toggled on or off, which removes entry and line delays.
  • Ultra: A time-limited score attack mode. The time limit can be set to 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Master: A difficult 20G mode with 30 levels (Lv. M1-M30) where delays decrease as the level increases. As with Marathon, the starting level can be changed. The lockdown modes are Forgiving (infinity), Limited (default) and Strict (step reset).
  • Survival: The player must perform techniques that send lines in multiplayer to prevent incoming garbage lines from entering the field. The maximum number of lines that can be blocked is determined by the selected difficulty.
  • Combo Challenge: The objective is to get the highest combo possible within 30 in-game seconds. Exclusive to this mode is the hold button modes: Skip which allows the player to skip up to twice with one skip being replenished for every piece locked, and the normal Hold option.
  • Night Of Nights: A 20G mode where pieces are forced to be placed every constant 333ms, regardless of the user attempting to manually lock the piece through hard drop. This is a secret mode accessed by holding the "CONTROL" key and hitting the "GUIDELINE" menu button, then by clicking the, now visible, "NIGHT OF NIGHTS" option.


The Tetra-X modes are modes that are original to Tetra Legends. They typically use the Tetra-X rotation system, have a different scoring system, all spins and a 20G soft drop speed.

  • Standard: Similar to Marathon but with different speed curves, and is also endless.
  • Pro: A difficult high speed mode with 10 "mach levels" that increase for every 20 lines. The next previews, if set to 2 or higher, become invisible when a player goes up by one mach level, with the lowest one possible being 1 at level Mach 6. The game ends at Lv. Mach 10 with 200 lines.
Level 20G Lock (ms) Lock (F) Max Previews Hold
1 No 500 30 6 Yes
2 No 475 28.5 5 Yes
3 No 450 27 4 Yes
4 Yes 375 22.5 3 Yes
5 Yes 350 21 2 Yes
6 Yes 325 19.5 1 Yes
7 Yes 300 18 1 Yes
8 Yes 275 16.5 1 Yes
9 Yes 250 15 1 No
10 Yes 225 13.5 1 No


The Retro modes simulate older Tetris games before the 2000s. All modes except Deluxe have no lock delay. The line clear delay varies on each mode.


The Arcade modes simulate the Tetris: The Grand Master series.

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