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Heboris Unofficial Expansion
Heboris Unofficial Expansion icon.png
Heboris Unofficial Expansion icon
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Release2003 (First release)

(Customized for Heboris U.E)
released August 2007
Gameplay info
Next pieces0 to 6
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceYes (IHS available)
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Sega rotation
Heboris UE title.png
Heboris UE ingame.png

Heboris: Unofficial Expansion, abbreviated as Heboris U.E., is a modification to Heboris, a game orignally created by Kenji Hosimoto with YaneuraoGameScript 2000. It adds new modes inspired by the games in Arika's TGM series and various rotation systems.


The development of Heboris by Hosimoto has been halted since 2002. However, due to the source code of Heboris, which was based on YGS2K, being highly accessible, the game became the target of modifications by anonymous third parties mainly in the 2ch community. The game underwent various modifications, including implementing similar features from later games such as Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct, Tetris The Grand Master Ace, Tetris DS and DTET. The modified version is known in western communities as Heboris Unofficial Expansion. A second modified version, Heboris U.E. LITE, exists and focuses on lighter system requirements. A third modified version, Heboris U.E. MINI, also exists and features a plugin system to add or remove functionality from the game.


Heboris Unofficial Expansion uses gameplay mechanics from the TGM series as well as Guideline-based games. The player can choose between 9 defined rulesets, each replicating that of a particular TGM / Guideline game.

Based on TGM / TAP TGM3 Classic Rule TGM3 World Rule TGM ACE SRS TGM ACE ARS TGM ACE ARS2 Guideline (Tetris DS) Original DTET
ARE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes (Skippable)
Fast Drop Speed Fixed 1G Fixed 1G Fixed 1G Fixed 0.5~1G Fixed 0.5~1G Fixed 0.5~1G Fixed 0.5~1G + 1.5G + 1.5G
Wallkicks & Initial Stances TGM/TAP TGM3 SRS SRS TGM3 TGM SRS SRS + 180 Rotation Original DTET
Lockdown Step Step Move/Rotate Move/Rotate Move/Rotate Move/Rotate Move/Rotate Move/Rotate Step
Move reset limit N/A N/A 8 Rotations / 10 Movements 128 Movements / Rotations 128 Movements / Rotations 128 Movements / Rotations Infinity 12 Rotations / 24 Movements N/A
Soft Drop Type Lock Lock Non-lock Non-lock Non-lock Lock Non-lock Lock Lock (when faster than 2G)
Hard Drop Type Sonic Sonic Locking Locking Locking Sonic Locking Sonic Locking
Piece Colors Sega/Arika Sega/Arika Guideline Guideline Guideline Guideline Guideline Guideline Sega/Arika
ABC Button Layout A:CCW


As of C7V4EX YGS2K+ (FINAL), Heboris Unofficial Expansion contains the following modes:


  • TAMAYA – The player must clear lines to shoot as many fireworks as possible within 200 levels, using the Hanabi scoring system in TGM3's Easy mode.
  • SCORE – Based on Normal mode in TGM2, the player must clear lines to score as many points as possible within 300 levels.


Using the mechanics from the TGM series, the player must obtain the highest grade possible within 999 levels. Four grade rulesets are available:

  • G1 (Easy) – uses the score-based Grade Recognition System from Tetris The Grand Master, but the score requirements have been adjusted to accommodate back-to-back bonuses.
  • G2 (Normal) – uses the Grade Recognition System from TGM2, except each internal grade increase will change the displayed grade, and the grade count has been expanded to that from TGM3.
  • G3 (Normal) – same as G2, but only uses the original grades from TGM2.
  • G4 (Hard) – uses the expanded Grade Recognition System from TGM3, but with minor differences. Promotional Exams can also be triggered by pressing Hold twice then keeping the button pressed while pressing Start. The grade given at a Promotional Exam is selected at random.

In addition, the player can also turn on ITEM, BIG, and HEBO+ modes by holding the corresponding buttons while pressing Start.


Same as Master mode, but with 20G gravity throughout the round.


A much harder variant of Master mode. Two rulesets are available:

  • DOOM – replicates Shirase mode from TGM3.
  • MINUS – replicates T.A. Death mode from TGM2.

In addition, DEATH+ can also be turned on, which limits the player to 1 piece preview and no Hold, as well as ITEM and BIG modes.


Based on TGM3's Sakura mode, the player must clear all gem blocks in the playfield within a time limit. Tomoyo mode is named as such after Tomoyo Daidouji, who is Sakura Kinomoto's friend in the Cardcaptor Sakura franchise.

The player can choose between 4 stage sets: TI, E-HEART, ACE-TARGET, and F-POINT, as well as creating custom maps in EDIT.


Based on TGM ACE's main mode, the player must clear 15 or 20 levels, each with a 10-line goal. Each level section must be completed in 90 seconds or less. Two variants, Ace-Another and Ace-Hell, are also available.

Old Style

Accessible by highlighting Ace in the mode selection screen and moving right after Ace-Hell, the player can access one of two special modes which use mechanics from older Tetris games. The mode presented is based on the rotation system of the player's selected ruleset:


This contains several Guideline-based modes:

  • 40LINES – Clear 40 lines as fast as possible.
  • ULTRA – Clear as many lines as possible within 2 minutes.
  • MARATHONVariable-goal mode. Clear 15 levels to complete the stage.
  • SQUARE – Based on Tetris Worlds' Square mode. Same completion requirements as MARATHON.
  • ROTATION RELAY – Play 40LINES or ULTRA while cycling through all of the available rotation systems. Topping out will add a penalty to the player's total time.


2-player versus mode, with options for items, garbage types, styles (NORMAL, ATTACK, DEFENSE; ITEM), etc.

Garbage types include the following:

  • Move Erased – Sent garbage mimics the shape the user used to clear the lines.
  • Copy Bottom – Sent garbage mimics the opponent's bottom-most row.
  • Hebo+ – Sent garbage used the fixed pattern in the TGM+ mode of TGM2.
  • DS Random – Standard Guideline garbage system.

Items appear as a tetromino in which a player can place onto the field. In order for an item to appear in the preview, a player has to place 20 tetrominoes onto the field (roughly enough for eight lines). Therefore, the speed of the player determines how fast the player will acquire an item. To activate an item's effect, a player has to clear one or more rows in which the item tetromino occupies. Holding an item tetromino will turn it into a regular tetromino; unlike standard multiplayer with items in Tetris DS, the tetromino that then comes out of the hold box does not turn into an item tetromino.

Item No. Item Name Effect Duration Frequency
1=low 10=high
Item Effect
1 Mirror Block 3 piece
5 The opponent's stack is mirrored 3 times for each new piece, leaving it mirrored after the 3rd piece.
2 Roll Roll 4 piece
8 The opponent's next 3 pieces are auto rotating clockwise by a fixed interval.
3 Death Block Instant 5 Makes the opponent's next block big. (No effect in BIG mode)
4 X-Ray 4 piece
9 A partially invisible effect is applied to the opponent's stack for a short period.
5 Color Block 3 piece
6 A partially invisible effect is applied to the opponent's stack for a very short period.
6 Rotate Lock 10 seconds 3 Removes the ability to rotate pieces from the opponent.
Opponent's next piece orientations are randomized.
7 Hide Next 15 seconds 5 Temporarily hides the opponent's previews.
8 Magnet Block 2 piece
4 The opponent's fall speed increases by 0.5G. Pieces will lock instantly while this item is active.
9 Time Stop 5 seconds 6 Opponent's active tetromino is frozen in position.
Opponent is unable to perform any commands.
10 Hold Lock 6 piece
8 The opponent's hold function is disabled.
11 Reverse (Left/Right) 10 seconds 4 Reverses the left and right movements of the opponent.
12 Boost Fire 10 seconds 7 Opponent's tetromino fall speed becomes 20G. It halves the opponent's lock delay if they are already at 20G.
13 Fever 10 seconds 5 All of user's preview tetrominoes become I tetrominoes, with opponent's item attacks being reflected.
14 Reverse (Up/Down) 10 seconds 6 Opponent's up and down input keys are switched.
15 Remote Control 2 piece
5 The player takes control of the opponent's inputs, while maintaining control over their field. It also disables the opponent's inputs.
16 Dark Block 8 seconds 3 Stack becomes fully invisible for a medium period.
17 Delete Field (Top) Instant 6 Deletes the upper half of the player's playfield.
18 Delete Field (Bottom Instant 6 Deletes the lower half of the player's playfield.
19 Delete Even Instant 5 Deletes every 2nd row in the player's playfield.
20 Transform 3 piece
4 The opponent's next 3 pieces will change tetromino every time the piece is rotated.
21 Laser Instant 9 Remove a column of holes in the opponent's stack. The attacker many move the laser by pressing left and right.
22 Negative Field Instant 1 Flip the playfield's occupied cells to empty, and empty cells to occupied.
23 Shot Gun! Instant 5 Randomly shoot a group of holes in the opponent's stack.
24 Exchange Field Instant 1 Swaps the player's and opponent's playfield. (No effect in solo mode)
25 Hard Block Instant 7 The opponent's next piece must be cleared twice to be removed from the playfield.
26 Shuffle Field Instant 7 Opponent's rows are shifted randomly left and right. The empty columns stay connected only if the rows containing the columns are filled with 9 blocks each.
27 Random Instant 8 A random item effect is activated.
28 Free Fall Instant 3 Forces all cells to move down in the player's playfield removing any holes.
29 Move Field (Left) Instant 2 Push every cell in the player's playfield to the left.
30 Move Field (Right) Instant 5 Push every cell in the player's playfield to the right.
31 180° Field Instant 7 Rotate the playfield upside down and move the newly rotated cells down.
32 16t Instant 4 A 16t anvil appears, in which the player can move before removing three columns of blocks.
33 Reflect 10 seconds 3 (VERSUS) Opponent's item attacks are reflected to themselves. (Others) The player is protected from one attack type item.
34 Double 10 seconds 3 Increases the lines recieved from the player by 2.
(No effect in solo mode)
35 All Clear Instant 1 Clears the field entirely.
36 Miss (joke) 20 piece
5 (VERSUS) The player's level and item bar will not increase.
(Others) Level, score and line count are not affected.
37 Copy Field Instant 3 Opponent's field becomes the player's field.
(No effect in solo mode)
38 Fake Next 8 seconds 2 The piece previews and the held piece become fake, but the colors will be the same as the original piece.
39 Grandmother Block 20 piece
7 All blocks will turn into "[ ]" blocks.


The player must complete all missions within the specified time limit. The player can select between the various courses from TGM ACE and Tetris Gold, as well as several original courses.

Original Modes

In each of these modes, the player must clear as many lines as they can before topping out. After reaching 15:00:00, the game will initiate a fast 20G to automatically trigger a game over.

  • Beginner – Slow speed curve.
  • Master – Normal speed curve.
  • 20G – Fast speed curve.
  • Devil – Fast speed curve with decreasing lock delay.

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