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ZiNc input plugins

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Although ZiNc is currently the best option to play TGM, it is known for its frame input delay and it doesn't have a recording/playback capability of its own. However, you'll find here an input plugin for recording/playback.

Input recorder/player

This is a proxy or filter plugin that stands between ZiNc and the actual input plugin. As such, it doesn't run by itself. On top of recording/playing back, it effectively turns tgmj into a 4-way stick game by sorting diagonals to a single direction.

Here's the instructions:


  1. Rename your actual input plugin to realcontroller.znc (Windows) or librealcontrolznc.so (Linux)
  2. Put this file in place of the actual plugin


  1. Before running ZiNc, backup your game's .cfg file
  2. The first time you run a game, the plugin will create a .znp file
    • Actually, this happens when the respective .znp file doesn't exist
    • Remember, the backed up .cfg pairs with the created .znp file


  1. Put the backed up .cfg in place
  2. The second time you run a game, the plugin will read the respective .znp file
    • Actually, this happens when the respective .znp file exists

Here are two batch files that might help:

@rem record.bat
@echo off
copy /y cfg\tgmj.cfg cfg\tgmj-before.cfg
del tgmj.znp
ZiNc 24
@rem playback.bat
@echo off
copy /y cfg\tgmj.cfg cfg\tgmj.bak
copy /y cfg\tgmj-before.cfg cfg\tgmj.cfg
ZiNc 24
move /y cfg\tgmj.bak cfg\tgmj.cfg

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