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This page is a list of "lost" games. For the purposes of this page a lost game is a game that was available to the public in the past, but is no longer publicly available through any means (including rehosts and Wayback Machine). This also includes lost game versions of games.

Anyone is welcome to contribute. Please contact me if you have a copy of one of these games ( forums or Discord preferred).

Lost games

  • GTET
    • A game for Windows, designed to simulate Tetris the Grand Master. Removed in 1999 after requests from Arika.
    • A few screenshots are available (see this thread). The official website has been preserved on the Wayback Machine but the download is unavailable.
  • Katalith
    • A clone with unique versus mechanics. Later had a fan remake called Katalith X.
    • No related media is available, but a tester for DOSBox-X is known to have the game.
  • Syoboris
    • A game for Mac posted online. No other information is known.
  • Tototris

Lost game versions

  • BiTRIS version 1.55
    • A game for DOS from 1989, based around doubles play.
    • Videos are available. The official website has been preserved on the Wayback Machine but the download and source code are unavailable. The latest version available online is 1.50, without source code.
  • nlith version 2.53
    • This was mentioned in a response to a question posted online, where an anonymous poster claimed to have the source code of this version. The latest version available online is 2.51 (as part of the Neo Kobe collection of PC-98 games), without source code.

Lost game source code

  • BiTRIS
    • See above.
  • Lockjaw
    • Game is available on Wayback Machine, but source code is unavailable.
    • Game is available through unofficial redistributions.
  • nlith
    • See above.

Found games

  • Birdris
    • A game by Andrew Bird for DOS, circa 1995. Noted for an early use of adversarial piece generation, predating Bastet by several years.
    • Found and uploaded as part of the Nova Powell collection.
  • Bomblin
    • A Bombliss-style game that utilised TGM-style speed mechanics, dating from the mid-late 2000s.
    • Found by Zaphod77 on Tetrisconcept.