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Developer(s)Franco Mellerio
Publisher(s)Franco Mellerio
Platform(s)Apple iPhone/iPad (iOS)
Release22 Dec 2010 (USA)
Gameplay info
Next piecesTwo
Playfield size9x19
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropMo
Rotation systemSRS


Twinflix is a new twin fight block game concept having two different game modes, both based on Pentomino.

Only for this Christmas Twinflix will be available as a Free Game, after christmas a new version will be available, supporting GameCenter and free online multiplayer mode. It is available for Free in: The AppStore

A Gameplay demo is available here


In the first "classical" mode you have to fill the lines by using different blocks, mostly Pentomino. Instead of having a fixed colour for any block, the colours are randonly choosen for each different block. Whenever you achieve to destroy a line, you will punish your opponent by sending him that line of bricks. Anyway there are 2 types of blocks: coloured and dark ones. The difference is that dark blocks can not be destroyed. Unfortunately for you, every time your opponent dies, he will resuscitate faster and stronger, in exchange of that you will lose a fourth of your oldest lines and receive an incremented bonus, which will help you to earn more points and reach out a higher Top score.


In the second game mode, you will not start with an empty grid but with a brick already filled with some bricks forming a "level" more you go further, more the level difficulty grows, and you will need to study different strategies to complete each level, which will be considered won only when all the initial bricks will be destroyed and sent to your opponent.