Tetris Mini

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Tetris Mini
Tetris Mini box.jpg
Tetris Mini packaging
Platform(s)Dedicated device
  • JP: October 8, 2020
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size8 × 12
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropYes
Tetris Mini device.jpg

Tetris Mini is a keychain Tetris game. It is a spiritual successor to Tetris Jr.. It features new modes, and a rechargeable battery.


The device has only one rotation button, thus the piece can only be rotated clockwise. This is unlike most other games with one rotation direction, which rotate counter-clockwise.

There is no soft drop, only hard drop. The hard drop is usually not instant, and the piece is animated moving down until it lands and locks. However, if a sound is playing (or would be if the game is muted) the piece will not animate, and instead instantly drop. In both cases the action can not be canceled, and it acts as a hard drop. This is in contrast to Tetris Jr. which only has soft drop.

The rotation system was revamped since Tetris Jr. It features new kicks, base rotations, and spawn columns.



Clear lines to earn points. The max score is 99990. The player levels up every 10 lines cleared. The max level is 10.


Action Points
Single 10 × level
Double 30 × level
Triple 50 × level
Tetris 80 × level
T-Spin Single 80 × level
T-Spin Double 120 × level

20 Lines

Clear 20 lines as fast as possible.


Clear the most amount of lines within 120 seconds.

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