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Tetris M1ND BEND3R
Tetris M1ND BEND3R logo.png
Logo of game
Developer(s) The Tetris Company
Red Bull
Publisher(s) Red Bull
Release date(s) November 13, 2019
Platform(s) Web
Gameplay Info
Next pieces 3
Playfield dimensions 10 × 20
Hold piece Yes
Hard drop Yes
Rotation system SRS
Tetris M1ND BEND3R title.jpg Tetris M1ND BEND3R ingame.jpg

Tetris M1ND BEND3R is a free game on Red Bull's M1NDG4M3RS website, based on the Tetris (tetris.com) version. It is the first officially released third party game to use the new Tetris logo.


Gameplay remains mostly the same as Tetris on tetris.com, with the exception of new item blocks. When clearing a line with an item block, a random effect is activated affecting either the stack, or the speed of the falling piece. Clearing these blocks add to the M1ND BEND3R multiplier, and failing to clear one within a certain number of time reduces the multiplier and changes the item block location. Once the item block is cleared, the next is delayed by a few pieces.

Unlike Tetris on tetris.com, the player cannot choose the starting level.

Scoring works the same, but instead of using the level as the multiplier, the M1ND BEND3R multiplier is used.

Item blocks

  • Blur - Blocks inside the playfield will fade away in a mesmerising wave pattern
  • Erosion - Random blocks will disappear from within the playfield
  • Fission - Groups of blocks on each row will split and move to the outer walls of the playfield
  • Fusion - Blocks on each row will fuse together at the center of the playfield
  • Invasion - New rows of blocks appear from the bottom of the playfield
  • Shift - Blocks on each row will neatly shift to the left or right side of the playfield
  • Slow Down - The speed of falling pieces will temporarily decrease
  • Speed Up - The speed of falling pieces will temporarily increase
  • Turn - Entire groups of blocks turn upside down in the playfield
  • Twist - Entire groups of blocks twist from one side of the playfield to the other

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