Tetris Illuminated Mega Screen

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Tetris Illuminated Mega Screen
Tetris Illuminated Mega Screen boxart.png
Developer(s)Techno Source
Platform(s)Dedicated device
ReleaseFall 2012
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetris Illuminated Mega Screen ingame.png

Tetris Illuminated Mega Screen is a dedicated handheld game created by Techno Source.


The device has a monochrome LCD screen and a dedicated control surface with individual buttons for piece shifting, soft and hard drop, rotation, and Hold.

Main gameplay follow the standard Tetris Guideline ruleset. Three modes are available: Marathon, Sprint, and Ultra. High scores are locally saved on the device, and the current game session is saved when the device is turned off then loaded when powered on. Korobeiniki is included as the default background music.

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