Tetris II: Special Edition

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Tetris II: Special Edition
Platform(s)MSX2+, MSX TurboR
Gameplay info
Next pieces3
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropNo
Tetris II Special Edition title.png
Tetris II Special Edition ingame.png

Tetris II: Special Edition is a tetris game for the MSX, released in 1996 by R.A.M. The game comes on three double-sided floppy disks. The developer is comprised of three groups whose abbreviation gives rise to its name:

  • Renegade (Gianluca Lazzari)
  • Arctic Soft (Marco Casali, Gianluigi Pizzuto)
  • Microtech (Marco Rossin)

Gameplay and modes

  • 1 Player – Objective is to complete levels, each of which require 25 line clears to complete.
  • 2 Player - You can play with a friend in this mode. One person uses the keyboard while the other uses an attached joystick. Each player can choose one of 6 characters (both players can't choose the same one). The characters are: Bloody, Wizlow, The Kozz, Brutus, Inlander, Skincrest. Each character has their own unique blockskin, frame, and background.

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