Tetris Arcade in a Tin

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Tetris Arcade in a Tin
Tetris Arcade in a Tin box.jpeg
Publisher(s)Fizz Creations
Platform(s)Dedicated device
Gameplay info
Next pieces3
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemBPS
Tetris Arcade in a Tin title.jpeg
Tetris Arcade in a Tin gameplay.jpeg

Tetris Arcade in a Tin is a hand held version of Tetris released by Fizz Creations in 2022. As its name implies, it is a portable game of Tetris contained in a tin similar to those used for Altoids mints.


The game features a subset of modern guideline features such as 7-bag, piece colors, and standard game modes. However it is missing notable ones such as ghost pieces, SRS kicks, move reset, and hold.

The rotation system is similar to SRS without any kicks, the exceptions being the I-piece only has 2 states and is biased to the left.

In addition it also features (intentionally or not) IRS.

Scores are saved until the the device is powered off.


  • Marathon - 150 lines, score as many points as possible.
  • Sprint - 25 lines, clear as fast as possible.

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