Tetris 64 Rotation

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Tetris 64 Rotation is an optional rotation system which can be accessed in Tetris 64 by enabling Rotate Center in the options menu.

Basic Rotation

The horizontal spawn positions and orientations are the same as Sega Rotation, spawning in the centre with a left bias. All tetrominoes spawn with their lowest block on row 24, two rows higher than the top of Tetris 64's 10x22 playfield.

Unlike Sega Rotation, all tetrominoes have four distinct rotation states. Each tetromino has a central block around which the other blocks rotate. This notably causes the O tetromino to move when rotated.

While Tetris 64 does not have a dedicated 180-degree rotation button, enabling Double Turn in the options menu permits 180-degree rotations by quickly double-rotating while the active tetromino is in a tight area where rotation would normally fail.

Wall Kicks

By default, tetrominoes do not kick in Tetris 64. However, enabling Offset Turn in the options menu allows the use of wall kicks when basic rotation fails.

Two wall kicks are permitted:

  • 1 space left of basic rotation
  • 1 space right of basic rotation

These are similar to the wall kicks available in Arika Rotation System, but without any special exceptions.

Regardless of the tetromino and rotation direction, the left kick will always be prioritised over the right kick if both kicks result in a valid rotation.