Tetris (Sky Gamestar)

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Tetris (Sky Gamestar)
Platform(s)Satellite TV
Gameplay info
Next pieces5
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropYes
Tetris (Sky Gamestar) title.jpeg
Tetris (Sky Gamestar) ingame.jpeg

Tetris (Sky Gamestar) was an officially licensed Tetris game for Sky satellite TVs, released in 2004, and available only in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was developed by the Scottish video game company Denki. The game was part of a set of interactive games called Sky Gamestar (later renamed Sky Games). It had both live multiplayer and singleplayer gameplay. For multiplayer, players' performances would be tracked and used to provide skill-based matchmaking with other opponents. Players would use their Sky TV remote as their controller.


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