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Tetris (PC, Spectrum HoloByte)

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Spectrum Holobyte Tetris Title Screen.png
Developer(s) Spectrum HoloByte
Publisher(s) Spectrum HoloByte
Release date(s) January 29, 1988
Platform(s) IBM PC
Gameplay Info
Next pieces 1
Playfield dimensions 10 × 20
Hold piece No
Hard drop Hard only
Rotation system Identical to Sega Rotation, except the vertical state of the S tetromino is shifted 1 space right
Spectrum Holobyte Tetris Main Menu.png Spectrum Holobyte Tetris Level 0.png

The first Tetris game developed and released by Spectrum HoloByte.

There are two versions of the game; the revised version has the plane on the title screen removed (at the request of Elorg) and the military-themed backgrounds replaced (at the request of Pajitnov). The revised version was also featured on Tetris Gold.


Timing is based on video frames, which are approximately 1/70 of a second.


Placing a piece awards score according to the following formula:

  • points = 4 + (2 * level) + row number of top of piece

The bottom row is number 1. If the piece was dropped manually, the position before dropping is used, so for a high score the player should drop as soon as possible.

If piece preview is enabled at the time a piece is placed, a 25% penalty is assessed: (both divisions are rounded down)

  • points with preview on = floor(points / 2) + floor(points / 4)

No additional points are awarded for line clears.

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Download the TSR utility DivEFix v2.0 to fix divide overflow errors when running the game on a modern PC.

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