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When to italicize the word Tetris

When referring to a game named Tetris the world should be italicized. When referring to the Tetris series, or the Tetris brand, it should not be italicized.


These are not strict guides, but framework for creating high quality content.

For games

  • Lead section: The name of the game in bold italics, its gameplay genre, release date, platform, and other identifying information go first. Then, a brief summary of the article. Finally, why the game is notable and important; this is the key part of the lead section, because it establishes the main idea that will be carried throughout the article.
  • Infobox: Contents should adhere to the template documentation.
  • Gameplay: going over the significant parts of how the game works. Remember not to include player's guide or walkthrough material. The gameplay section should come first, with the exception of when it would help to simplify the discussion of the section.
  • Development: discuss development, design concepts and inspirations, etc. This can easily include several different subsections. It also includes release material, such as the game's marketing, promotional info, and/or release dates. If the release material is large enough, it can be split to its own section.
  • Reception: This should detail how the game was received by critics.
  • Legacy: If the game had a substantial impact on its series, genre, and/or the video game industry, consider making a section dedicated to its legacy. This can either be put under the reception header or, if there is enough information, a separate section.
  • Notes: Here is where notes go, use {{notelist}}
  • References: Cite sources! If you are unsure what to include for references, game instruction booklets, guides, reviews, and interviews are all good candidates. See this list of sources deemed generally usable or unusable on Wikipedia.
  • External links: When available, list the company and game website(s) if the company website is separate from the game's website. In addition, list all relevant websites for English publications. Other sources that do not qualify as reliable sources may be used if they are not on the list of sites to be avoided.