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Official Tetris games

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Games by platform







Other "-tris" games

Some games used the Tetris name or its '-tris' suffix in their titles, despite their distinctively different gameplay. The list below includes both licensed uses and uses by developers who have also made an official Tetris game.

Notable unlicensed and similar commercial games

These are games with similar gameplay to Tetris that were sold commercially. In some cases a licence was not necessary due to the changes in gameplay (as in Blockout and Hexion).

Fan games and other unlicensed games

Main article: List of fan games

There are many fan made derivatives of Tetris. Sometimes these games infringed on copyright and/or trademark, though nevertheless a number of them have fostered a large user base and have achieved some cultural importance. Other notables use of Tetris include: art medium (see Tetris Building), algorithmic exercises (see Tetris AI), and even testing equipment.

Tetris as easter eggs

Due to its relative easiness to program, Tetris is often used as an easter egg.

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