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Current Events

Template:PlayingField Wikimedia templates do not lend themselves to a variable template very well because there are no conditional or looping constructs. I'll play with it for a bit though and see if it's doable. I'm a computer science major in my senior year.

Pseudocode for if Winter gets installed:

makePlayingField(int a_width, int a_height, char[] a_blocks)
  for(int i=0; i<a_height; i++)
    println makePlayingFieldRow(a_width, i*a_height, a_blocks);

makePlayingfieldRow(int a_width, int a_offset, char[] a_blocks)
  for(int j=0; j<a_width; j++)
    print char[a_offset+j] + "Tet.png";


{{#for | {{#setvar|i|0}} || {{#i|<|#2}} || {{#i|++}} ||
  {{#for | {{#setvar|j|0}} || {{#j|<|#1}} || {{#j|++}} ||
    [[Image:{{#{{#formula | (#i * #2) + #j}}}}Tet.png]]


About Me

  • I'm an intermediate tetris player in the Jersey City/Hoboken, NJ area.
  • I help make games in my free time:
  • I also have a personal webspace with utilities I wrote:

Contact Info

Yahoo IM: YAYitsAndrew