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Hello! I'm Oshisaure, a Tetris nerd who likes to do silly things in Tetris games, with a slight specialisation in Rotation Systems and unusual Twists. I have a YouTube channel where I like to share these silly things.

I've also made A Gnowius' Challenge and Puzzle Juggle Trouble, and worked on a Cambridge fork with MillaBasset.

Custom Rotation System concept

Although I had made a few over-the-top joke rulesets in the past (see BONKERS for a good example), the question of a proper Rotation System came about when I started having projects about a 1-VS-1 game. I wanted to have a game that differed greatly from the Tetris Guideline, partly because it was incompatible with the idea of my game, partly because I wanted to imply that this game was following its own set of rules. One of the points of difference was, of course, the Rotation System.

Piece colours and entry orientations

While I do not consider things like colour scheme, harddrop vs sonic drop or piece entry rotation to be strictly related to the rotation system itself, they still end up being commonly assiciated into a common ruleset that people get used to - you can ask a guideline player and a TGM player what "the right piece colours" are and they will give you different answers.

Because of this, I've decided to make my own colour scheme as well. To make it easier to play for colourblind people, I've made S and Z follow complemetary hues, as well as L and J. I then filled in the colours to the best of my ability by putting warm colours on the S and L pieces - as they both fit in a left well - and then picking colours that would probably upset anyone using Sega or guideline colours. I ended up with:

  • I: Purple
  • O: Orange
  • T: Green
  • L: Red
  • J: Cyan
  • S: Yellow
  • Z: Dark blue

As for spawning orientations, I make the pieces spawn flat side down, as that gives the most manoeuvrability in high gravity.

TL;DR: the pieces look like this on spawn

       LL   S     Z  I     OO  JJ

(this is still WIP)