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(Curved for her pleasure(tm))
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< Kitaru_> ok ok ok, so
< Kitaru_> ok ok ok, so
< Kitaru_> invis doubles
< Kitaru_> invis doubles
< Kitaru_> good idea y/y</pre>
< Kitaru_> good idea y/y
<KevinDDR> jeez
<KevinDDR> this anti seizure medicine says it can cause "pain or curving of the penis" and "mental retardation"
<KevinDDR> i'm not sure if that's better than a seizure</pre>

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Disturbing IRC conversations somehow vaguely relating to Tetris...

< hektor_> opposite sex? elaborate please 
< hektor_> you mean like when the I's are blue? 
< Rosti_LFC> hmm 
< Rosti_LFC> Comparing SRS with women... 
< muf> i wouldn't want sex with SRS 
< muf> i'd turn gay and go ARS-on-ARS 
< Rosti_LFC> oh god >.< 
< Rosti_LFC> that was bad pun 
< Rosti_LFC> SRSly

<hektor_> ughh
<hektor_> my skull
<hektor_> REGRET!!

< edo_> the best time to use the S and Z moves are when you feel an L or J coming
< edo_> and the best time to use the O move is when you feel an I coming, and you need to get it to the right
<@muf> okay, bad visuals there
< edo_> ?
<@muf> "if you feel an L or J coming"
<@muf> i can picture you on the toilet, going "oh dear i feel an L coming.. uuurnnggghhh"
< edo_> muf, you worry me sometimes...
<@muf> lol
<@muf> actually, it's kind of fitting
<@muf> i usually play tetris DS when i've got a big delivery
< edo_> muf, seriously
< edo_> you worry me
<@muf> um edo
<@muf> if anyone should be worried:
<@muf> <edo> it's haerd tpw play tetirs and whathc a girl mssaturbate at the same teim
< edo_> hahaha
< Lardarse> what???
< edo_> that's when I was playing blocktrix with muf and rosti, and a few others, and I was a bit less than sober...
<@muf> a few too many g&ts and vodkas
< edo_> for some reason, I was in the mood for watching porn at the same time
< Lardarse> ok
< Lardarse> now i'm not so worried
< Lardarse> for a moment, i thought that the girl was actually in the same room as you...
<@muf> that would be hot
<@muf> playing tetris with a girl in the room who's warming up for you :D
< Lardarse> depends if she's warming up wit an I or not...
<@muf> not much unlike playing quake with a girl under the table giving head
< Lardarse> hhaah
< Lardarse> one day, i need to try that

< lee_n> jagorochi: when was the last time you greased your stick? :)

< ed1> I'm actually quite "big", just not very tall

< muf> you should practice death too, lard
< pineapple> f that
< muf> it's much more fun than master
< muf> and the games are much shorter (as long as you're not skilled enough to reach high levels)
< pineapple> half the time, i don't even each 60...
< muf> maybe i'm just masochistic when it comes to tetris or something
< muf> but i love grinding my death skill
< pineapple> you just like grinding... and i don't mean tetris

<@colour_thief> DeHackEd: you up for a session today?
< DeHackEd> I'm ALWAYS up for a session...
<@colour_thief> well, whenever you like you can come on over
< mushroom> thus begins a bad porno

< Amnesia> Because one day you will see on the TV :
< Amnesia> "a young man of 24 years old suicide himself after eating his joystick and jump to the window.."

< kotetsu21> HOLY SHIT
< kotetsu21> WHAT THE FUCK
< kotetsu21> GOOOOOOO Stomp attack, OHKO, kotetsu wins again

< caffeine1> yo guys
< caffeine1> im gay
< caffeine1> okay friends are here
< caffeine1> going
-!- caffeine1 has quit [Quit]

-!- MobileDe2 has joined #arika
< muf> video = AVISource("amnesias_shitty_playing.avi")
< MobileDe2> that is a GREAT line to see when I join IRC

<@colour_thief> the first rule of tetris club is...
<@colour_thief> yes you all have testicles, but nobody wants to see them

< Monte_> digital is asian
< Monte_> just remember that
< Monte_> asians evolved fast fingers due to lack of penis size
< Monte_> it's evolution, holmes

< timc``> muf
< timc``> i hope your facebook status lists you as in a relationship with Ti
< muf> haha
< muf> it's more like a BDSM affair
< muf> "where are you going with that thing?!" -"promotional exam, honey"
< mushroom> "oh yes, oh yes, demote me..."
< mushroom> "I've been a bad, bad player"

<@space_monkey> ohh my god
<@space_monkey> i had a sexual relation with my arcade lever
<@space_monkey> this is too good

< cdsboy> but your totally gonna tell me right Meroigo?
< Meroigo> cdsboy:if you send me a picture of your penis
< cdsboy> deal
< cdsboy> email?

< caffeine> who need friends when... oh shit almost beat my high score

< amnesiao> but I still want to have sex with caffeine

< muf> yeah, i've used you
< DeHackEd> I know what you mean and won't take it strangely.

< muf> man, amnesia plays slow
< muf> is he playing with joystick or something?
< Edo_> yeah, I'm pretty sure amnesia uses a joystick
< Edo_> if you can even call it that
< Edo_> I hear it's actually made out of a piece of cardboard and some dried peas

<@colour_thief> just take it like a man for now, you'll be better for it
< muf> lol
 * muf bends over
< muf> give it to me, ct
<@colour_thief> dude, turn your autoaccept on :P
< muf> i think my client is like "wtf, it's 0 bytes"
<@colour_thief> i'm sensitive about my size ok :(

< timc> muf is just constantly masturbating
< timc> one hand on his joystick
< timc> the other hand on his joystick
< Kitaru1> he's playing Doubles?

< Kitaru> S1 in TAP...
< Kitaru> that's like 1 dan blackbelt, right? :)
< muf> fifth dan Ti, qualified third dan
< muf> actually, the whole dan thing is pretty fitting with qualification exams
< Kitaru>  yeah
< muf> when i used to do judo as a kid, i'd get promotional exams
< lee_n> did the walls shake and turn to gold?

< DeHackEd> tgm1 was biology-ish
< DeHackEd> section 0-99 is blood cells, for example
< DeHackEd> 200-299 are neurons
< Tada> are those... sperm in 100-199?
<@colour_thief> yes, mihara's

< caffeine> 15-20 seconds is how i like it. super fast and brutally masochistic

<@colour_thief> i'm sending a blurry video of my dongle to TWF

 * colour_thief uses NEDI to upscale a youtube video to 1080p
 * Meroigo uses NEDI to upscale Ghett0's ding-a-ling to 1080p
(a while later)
< Meroigo> i was insanely funny and no-one laughed.
<@colour_thief> no Meroigo we're concerned at your love for small boys
< Meroigo> colour_thief: Love and sexually attracted to are two different things!!!!!!!!!!!!!

< muf> this is like inverse drunk alertness syndrome
< muf> when i'm drunk i get reminded of important things
< muf> and when i'm sober i forget them again
< muf> :/

<gs68> If there's one person in this world who is stupier than me, it's her.
<Zircean> see normally i would agree with you
<Zircean> but when you misspell "stupider" it doesn't help your case

< Meroigo> OK i'll just go to the bathroom, think about young muf while jerking off, then go sleep! :> good night

<Digital__> ok meroigo, I'll let you have one internet hug
<Digital__> as a friend!
* Meroigo hugs Digital__.
* Meroigo holds on tightly.
* Meroigo won't let go.
<Meroigo> Digital__... I love you.. ;O
<Digital__> oh crap
<Digital__> ....you can let go now
* Meroigo won't.
* Meroigo tries to kiss Digital__
* Digital__ slips out before that happens
<Digital__> whoops too bad
<Digital__> you misdropped that kiss
* Meroigo press F11 and tries again.
* Digital__ presses escape

<@colour_thief> zircean, hard 20G need a touch of crazy
<@colour_thief> like a ukelele solo or something

<Zircean>  oh no here we go
* muf facepalm
* Zircean mufpalm
* muf muffdive

<Vincent_Laurent> come on..Nobody else except jago and c_t will blow me on TAP and TGM..
<caffeine1> oh come now. surely someone here will blow vincent?

<KevinDDR> someone backed into my dad's car so you don't have to ride in it to the con
<KevinDDR> instead
<KevinDDR> you get to ride in a rental prius!
<Zircean>  EXCELLENT !! but... let's drive better next time

<KevinDDR> so i sent a message to my girlfriend something like "hey babe. wish you were here for the final day of hell I MEAN SAKURACON"
<KevinDDR> and she replied back
<KevinDDR> "i wish your name was my homework."
<KevinDDR> and i was like
<KevinDDR> "why"
<KevinDDR> and she said
<KevinDDR> "because then you'd be hard and i'd be doing you on my desk"

<Vin_s> I will take kevin with my stick

<muf> hmm, at least now the discussion is no longer irrelevant
<muf> but it's still not interesting
<Zircean>  make it interesting then muf
<@colour_thief> MOOSE COCKS
<muf> presto

<Kitakyushu> poop is poop
<Kitakyushu> and you should eat it because I said so
<muf> mmh poop
<muf> WAIT.

<DeHackEd> there's HTTP errors going fairly high up in the 400 range. they're just uncommon
<muf> well yeah, i mean known ones
<DeHackEd> damn, it only goes up to 417
<DeHackEd> I was hoping it'd go to 420
<muf> the only widely known ones are 200, 301, 302, 401, 403, 404, 500
<muf> 200 OK, 301 moved temporarily, 302 moved permanently, 401 authentication required, 403 access denied, 404 not found, 500 server error
<DeHackEd> 503 temp unavail
<muf> and i happen to know 411 length required. but that's only cause i gave HTTPanties to my ex-gf for her birthday
<DeHackEd> ... I'm not sure how to respond to that

<@colour_thief> let me introduce you to notepad
<@colour_thief> it's like IRC but single player

* muf gives Meroigo a passionate kiss.
<Meroigo> muf shows his real side when he's drunk.
<Bowser> no, muf shows his drunk side when he's drunk

<Vovad> they were so close to reaching my ballin machine
<Vovad> instead
<Vovad> we get a tetris
<Vovad> with fancy acquatic backgrounds
<Vovad> thats what i want
<Vovad> FISH

<tadaru> muf is more aspie than me
<muf> tada don't fucking call me an ass pie
<tadaru> then learn sarcasm
<Meroigo> lol
<Meroigo> muf sarcasm'd you sarcasm
<Meroigo> he's one level above you
<muf> yeah
<muf> this is sarcasm for pros

<TWF> that is what I say
<TWF> every time I watch a KAN video
<Zircean> i have kan's perfect MM-roll performance saved on my computer as "kan-god.mp4"
<Zircean> sums it up quite nicely
<kan> omg
<Zircean> speaking of which!

<muf> int pi = 3;
<TWF> noooooo muf
<tadaru> agh my eyes

<muf> well there is this girl that's addicted to neave tetris. i might be able to get her hooked on sexmaster
<muf> i might be on to something, once i get her to want a stick

<Kitaru> no
<Kitaru> yeah to long
<Kitaru> although oops
<Kitaru> eh w/e
<Zircean> kitaru make sense
<Kitaru> no
<Kitaru> I refuse

<Zircean> Donkey Kong: The Grand Master
<Billmaan> if he hits level 22 with over a million points, it triggers the M-roll and he has to play with invisible barrels.

<Corrosive> no girls allowed in  here
<Corrosive> this is a guy talk zone
<Corrosive> actually tetrominophile  is a chick
<Corrosive> shes 'Jan' on Blockbox
<Corrosive> im trying to get her to send me nudies
<tetrominophile> lol
<tetrominophile> jan is a boys name
<tetrominophile> i thought you were gay

< lee_n> in other news, kevin is opening his own arcade.
< lee_n> acne

<muf> kevin definitely looks most scary out of everyone
<muf> also he needs to fix that unibrow :/
<muf> before i get nightmares about it
<TWF> haha
<TWF> yes he does
<TWF> kevin is a uh
<TWF> very hairy person
<muf> haha
<TWF> it's vaguely distressing
<muf> you sound like you've seen more parts of it than i have
<muf> which in itself is disturbing

<Zemus> u know dark energy just appears outa no where.. so like  dont that just break the law of conservation of energy??
<Zemus> where they heck does all that ngative energy come from.
<Monte> rap music

<gs68> yeah I used to play SRS, via TDS
<gs68> then I played TGM for months
<gs68> SRS makes no sense to me now

<@colour_thief> <notsmoothop> orangina
<@colour_thief> can you imagine if they came up with a mango variant?
<@colour_thief> mangina...

<Zircean> anyway tgm shouldn't take priority over primal urges
<Zircean> that's when you know you're way too addicted ;)
<Zircean> ...seriously, complaining that you couldn't play tgm cause you were ballin chicks, i don't think i'll ever hear that from anyone else rofl
<Zircean> well, chick. singular
<Zircean> but still
<tadaru> ya rly
<muf> not even timc would go that far
<muf> wait
<muf> that's not right
<muf> lol
<Zircean> timc bangs chicks while playing tgm
<muf> and then installs irc on their computers
<Zircean> like your quakejob, except with tetris
<Zircean> and that
<muf> timc is a man i can be proud of
<Zircean> hahahah
--> timccccc (~lisa@[removed]) has joined #arika
<muf> speak of the devil
<KevinDDR> hahahahahahahaha
<Zircean> rofl timc
<muf> hey lisa
<KevinDDR> solid
<KevinDDR> hahahahahaa wow
<muf> tim still ballin you?

<TWF> colour_thief why are you dressed like a huge dick
<@colour_thief> i was in a band called james and the giant penis
<@colour_thief> we were big in japan
<@colour_thief> err, i mean australia
<TWF> what did you play
<@colour_thief> by which i mean we had a paying new year's gig in some guy's backyard
<@colour_thief> i was probably the most experienced musician
<@colour_thief> but i just sort of danced around in a penis costume
<@colour_thief> there was a pump to shoot water out of my helmet
<@colour_thief> i think i possibly screamed some rap into a microphone too
<@colour_thief> our bassist couldn't play bass
<@colour_thief> so we gave him a kazoo
<@colour_thief> it was wicked rad

< Edo> colour_thief: up for some lode runner?
< Edo> I'm on live now
< pineapple> Edo: i think he has a friend over right now
<@colour_thief> Edo: nope DeHackEd is over sorry
<@colour_thief> another tetris friend is coming too
< Zircean> ...
< lee_n> sounds like a TETRIS PARTY

< notsmoothop> oh god
< notsmoothop> gold bond on my nuts
< notsmoothop> fuck yeah
< cdsboy> ...
< notsmoothop> cdsboy: you have no idea
< notsmoothop> until you have tried it
< notsmoothop> like
< notsmoothop> it feels like 1000 icy gnomes gently massaging your balls
< notsmoothop> anything that normally pisses you off
< notsmoothop> has no effect
< cdsboy> so how did you first decide to do this?
< muf> i've used like mint talcum powder on my nuts in the summer to ward off sweaty balls
< muf> but it only works for like a couple of hours
< notsmoothop> muf: but i bet it's the best couple of hours
< notsmoothop> you've ever felt
< notsmoothop> cdsboy: my dads been doing it for years
< notsmoothop> and so i figured i'd try it
< muf> haha it's pretty awesome when it's like 30 degrees centigrade yeah
< notsmoothop> it's like 0C out right now, and it still feels awesome
< notsmoothop> you can't get nervous when your balls feel this good

<KevinDDR> here's a picture of laura, who you're going to meet tonight at acme
<KevinDDR> okay i have to find a non slutty picture of laura
<KevinDDR> this could be hard

<Rosti_LFC> ....where is tada?
<Zircean> everywhere
<lee_n> he'll show up when you least expect it and be all like.. tada.
<Rosti_LFC> it's sort of nice without him
<Rosti_LFC> like... quiet and not depressing
<muf> he left about two hours ago, thank bob
<TWF> hahahaha
<TWF> you guys are so mean
* tada has joined #arika
<Zircean> well speak of the devil
<muf> well cock.

<Edo_AFK> I like a good bit of firmness to my stick
<Edo_AFK> if my stick is too floppy, it's just not very usable 
<TWF> haha
<TWF> but it can't be too hard!
<TWF> or else it just hurts
<Edo_AFK> ....

< Rosti> in my experience, nads don't taste good =\

< nightmareci> yo dawg i put a for loop in yo for loop so you can iterate while you iterate


< KevinDDR> haha DP gets pretty brutal

< disgusting> but that certain event pretty much ruined all my self-confidence at once, and I'm just trying to rebuild it...
< KevinDDR> turned down by the fat girl of your dreams? :P
< KevinDDR> oh. that was mean.
<@colour_thief> i imagine when you're rejected by a 1000 pound girl it probably feels like getting rejected by 7.5 women at once

< Rosti> also thought about castrating myself with a spoon last night
< Rosti> but decided it'd probably be more masochistic to play TGM

< orz> *rips a huge fart* large women ftw yall. Tada here.. this worlds so harsh

< Kitaru_> ok ok ok, so
< Kitaru_> invis doubles
< Kitaru_> good idea y/y

<KevinDDR> jeez
<KevinDDR> this anti seizure medicine says it can cause "pain or curving of the penis" and "mental retardation"
<KevinDDR> i'm not sure if that's better than a seizure


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