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* Heboris UE (defined as waitt[player])
* Heboris UE (defined as waitt[player])
* Falling Down
* Falling Down
* Tetris (NES, Nintendo)
=== Half-inclusive ===
=== Half-inclusive ===
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* Lockjaw
* Lockjaw
* NullpoMino
* NullpoMino
* Tetris (NES, Nintendo)
=== Exclusive ===
=== Exclusive ===

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This page includes definitions of various timings and related elements, and which game engines use certain definitions. Under construction.

These definitions take into account the existence of input lag.

Preliminary definitions

Spawn frame

The frame on which an active piece appears on the playfield. Depending on the game, the player may be able to input actions that occur on the spawn frame.

Landing frame

The frame on which an active piece makes contact with the stack in such a way that the piece cannot move downwards.

Lock frame

The frame on which the player can no longer move the piece.

DAS delay

Also DAS or DAS startup.


The first shift frame and the auto-shift frame are included.

For example, if the piece moves on frames 3, 17, 22, 27 etc. after input, DAS delay would be 15 frames.

Used by:

  • Heboris (defined as mpc[player] in the code)
  • Heboris UE (defined as waitt[player])
  • Falling Down


The first shift frame is not included, but the auto-shift frame is included.

Used by:

  • Cambridge
  • Lockjaw
  • NullpoMino
  • Tetris (NES, Nintendo)


The first shift frame and the auto-shift frame are excluded.

Used by:

  • All games in the TGM series
  • Shiromino

Auto-repeat rate

ARR for short, this is the rate at which automatic inputs are repeated after DAS delay.


e.g. 1 frame.


e.g. 60 Hz.

Lock delay

The time between when a piece lands and when it locks. This is generally inclusive of the landing frame and exclusive of the lock frame.

Entry delay

Line entry delay

Properly post-line clear entry delay. Also Line ARE.

Line clear delay