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Torikan is a term used in the Tetris The Grand Master series and inspired games, particularly in TAP and Ti. It refers to a condition where the game reaches a premature end when the player failed to fulfill a certain requirement up to that point. It was first introduced in TAP's Death mode, where the game entered a false ending if the player reached level 500 but took too long to do so (in reality, the game could go on until level 999). Later modes, like Ti's Shirase mode, could contain multiple torikan cutoff points.


The term torikan is an abbreviation of the Japanese phrase とりあえずカンスト(toriaezu kansuto), which translates to "counter-stop for the time being". カンスト(kansuto) itself is yet another abbreviation of カウンターストップ(kauntaa sutoppu, counter stop), the Japanese term for "maxing out". In this case the term is referring to the level counter.

Known Torikan Conditions

Game Mode Condition
Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS T.A. Death Level 500 within 3:25
Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct Master (Classic) Level 500 within*
Master (World) Level 500 within*
Shirase (Classic) Level 500 within
Level 1000 within
Level 1300*
Shirase (World) Level 500 within
Level 1000 within
Level 1300*
Heboris Unofficial Expansion (C7) Devil-Doom (ACE-SRS, ACE-ARS, DS-World) Level 500 within 4:00
Devil-Doom (Heboris, Ti-World, ACE-ARS2) Level 500 within 3:25
Devil-Doom (Ti-ARS, SRS-X, DRS) Level 500 within 3:03
Heboris Unofficial Expansion (LITE)
  • In Master mode, if the game is a qualification exam game, the torikan cutoff is disabled. The player can proceed beyond level 500 however long it may take.
  • In Shirase mode, Level 1300 is the highest level that has been attained by players so far, and the game displays "Shirase Mode All Clear" when the player finishes the game at that point. However, Ichiro Mihara, developer of the game, has stated that the game can go on to level 1301 and beyond. The condition to break it, and whether it really is a torikan, are yet unknown.
  • The torikan values for Heboris can be modified by editing the configuration file. The default values are listed here.