The New Tetris

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The New Tetris
Developer(s) H2O Entertainment
Publisher(s) Nintendo of America
Release date(s) 02 Aug 1999 (US)
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Gameplay Info
Next pieces 3
Playfield dimensions 10w x 20h
Hold piece yes
Hard drop "Firm" drop (with lock delay)
Rotation system
TNT64 title.png TNT64 play.png

The New Tetris for N64 was developed by H2O and published by Nintendo. Like Tetrisphere before it, The New Tetris features a soundtrack by Neil Voss.

It has lock delay, soft and firm drop, 4×4 squares, hold piece (though not IHS), three next pieces, ghost piece (TLS), and milder wall kick than SRS (notably, T-spin triples don't work but lock delay is still abusable on no-garbage play). The speed never gets anywhere near 20G. [oh? roughly where does it top out?] Colors of some tetrominoes differ from those of the Tetris Guideline: L is magenta, T is yellow, and O is light gray.

Top-out condition is the same as in Atari's Tetяis and the "push" mode of Nintendo's Tetris DS: the game ends when one block is placed above the playfield's top row.

The New Tetris defines twists (known in the manual as "spin moves") differently from the "T-spin" rule used in Tetris Worlds, Tetris DS, and other games that use SRS. In this game, a twist occurs when a tetromino locks in a position such that it cannot move left, right, or up without rotating.

Scoring system

  • 1 point per line cleared
  • 1 bonus point if four lines cleared simultaneously (tetris)
  • 5 bonus points when a 1×4 strip of silver square is cleared
  • 10 bonus points when a 1×4 strip of gold square is cleared
  • no instant reward for
    • completing a 4x4 square
    • spin moves (twists)

The greatest possible reward for a single move is therefore 85, as in the following case:


The total of 85 is made up of:

  • 4 from the four lines cleared
  • 1 as four were cleared simultaneously
  • 10 × 8 = 80 as eight 1×4 strips of gold are cleared

Game modes

The game modes are:

  • Marathon – game continues indefinitely (or until only one player remains in multiplayer)
  • Ultra – a race to 150 lines
  • Sprint – a three minute countdown

Each mode can be single player or multiplayer. In multiplayer mode up to four players can compete, with the option of no garbage, directed garbage or hot potato garbage.

Garbage modes:

  • None – garbage is disabled
  • Directed – each player can choose the recipient of his or her garbage by using the left and right C buttons
  • Hot potato – one player is outlined in red and receives all garbage. When this player completes a line the hot potato moves to a random player (which could be the same one)

In single player mode a computer-controlled opponent can be activated (which also forces garbage mode on), but even on the highest skill level it is not challenging to most players.

Successor: "Square Tetris" mode in Tetris Worlds

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