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The Tetris logo is an official logo used for Tetris branded products, including games, and merchandise. It had gone through several revisions before a standard was created when The Tetris Company was founded.

Spectrum HoloByte Tetris logo.png

The only time the game's logo was printed with the russian Spelling. The letter C at the end was stylized as a hammer and sickle (☭) which helped brand it as a Soviet game. The lettering is based off Times New Roman or a variation similar to it.

Later on Spectrum HoloByte published Tetris Classic and Super Tetris which had a faux cyrillic spelling of Tetris. The lettering also changed.

Mirrorsoft tetris logo.svg

Using the Friz Quadrata typeface, it incorporated faux Cyrillic by using a Я instead of a regular R. The Cyrillic Я is used for the "ya" sound, translating it to English would produce "Tetyais". Compared to the original title Тетрис which looks very different but is pronounced "Tetris".

Atari later used the same logo for it's Tetris game covers and art presumably because it was sublicensing from Mirrorsoft.

Sega Tetris logo.png

Sega used a script style or hand drawn logo for their early Tetris titles. Subsequently this logo was used for the BPS published Tetris S, a recreation of early Sega Tetris games.

BPS Tetris logo.svg

The BPS Tetris logo is easily the most prominent logo before the Roger Dean one. It was first used for the japanese classic computer versions made by BPS. It uses the Futura Black typeface.

Nintendo Tetris logo.png

This slab font logo was first used for the North American releases of Tetris for Gameboy and Tetris for NES in North America. While both of these games used the Nintendo version of the logo for the cover and promotions, the ingame logo was the BPS stencil Tetris logo.

Games published in Japan typically used the BPS stencil logo, an exception to this was Tetris 2 + Bombliss which used the Nintendo Tetris logo for the cover art and ingame, the only game to do so.

The Tetris Company logo.png

Unveiled in 1997, soon after The Tetris Company was founded, a new logo for Tetris designed by Roger Dean. It started appearing on Tetris games in 1998, the first one probably Tetris 2 + Bombliss LT, a port of the Super Famicom game for Windows 95.

Almost every game after used a variation of this logo until the 35th anniversary redesign.

35th anniversary redesign

The Tetris Company logo 2019.png

On June 4th, 2019, for the 35th anniversary of the Tetris brand, a new logo was unveiled. It retains the familiar T shape of the Roger Dean logo, but with a new wordmark typeface and a more standardized color palette for the regular design.

Some games have changed from the old design to the new logo since the unveiling:

The first game originally released with the new logo was Tetris M1ND BEND3R.