Tetris Worlds

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Tetris Worlds
Developer(s)Blue Planet Software
Platform(s)Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Windows, Xbox
Release24 Sep 2001 (US)

Tetris Worlds was one of the first games to follow the Tetris Guideline.

Square mode

Much the same as The New Tetris, except Tetris Worlds has a longer lock delay, no lock delay on hard drop instead of firm drop, full SRS, and (on platforms other than GBA) five next pieces.

  • single: +1 point
  • double: +3 points (2 for lines, 1 for bonus)
  • triple: +5 points (3 for lines, 2 for bonus)
  • tetris: +8 points (4 for lines, 3 for bonus)
  • t-spin 0 lines: +1 point
  • t-spin single: +4 points (1 for line, 3 for bonus)
  • t-spin double: +9 points (2 for lines, 7 for bonus)