Tetris The Grand Master (series)

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TGM pages needs

Compile data and order them in a logical menu


compile data like this page : the-shell.net TGM legend

  • TGM : Tetris The GrandMaster (Arcade Japan Exclusive)
  • TAP : Tetris the Absolute GrandMaster Plus (Arcade Japan Exclusive)
  • TI : Tetris The GrandMaster 3 Terror Instinct (Arcade Japan Exclusive)
  • ACE : Tetris The GrandMaster ACE : (XBOX 360 Japan Exclusive)
  • Tetrion
  • Tetromino (piece)
  • Bloc
  • Step
  • Stack
  • Row
  • Tetris
  • Combo
  • Bravo
  • Frame
  • Shift/move
  • rotation
  • Delayed Auto Shift (DAS)
  • Drop
  • Sonic Drop
  • Gravity (G)
  • 20G
  • Lock Delay
  • Initial Rotating System (IRS)
  • Temporary Landing System (TLS)
  • Level
  • LevelStep
  • Grade Recognition System (GRS)
  • ARE

Game mode Achievment

Rotation system

ok you certainly know the basics, but certainly it's not sufficient if you want to become a Gm Class player

Rotation system is based on Tetris (Sega). So there are many differences from the "World Rule" of The Tetris Company. I write about "Tetris the Grand Master". It is a origin of "Tetris The Grand Master Series".

Basic block flow

  1. Initial Rotation
  2. A block appears
  3. Block actions
    1. Rotation
    2. Horizonal Move
    3. Vertical Drop

Rotation Rule

Time Attack

stuff that you MUST learn.

20G build

blinded challenge

Wall Kick Analysis

Synchro Analysis

miscanellous Tips

  • 4 directionnal Arcade Stick limitation need

Temp Idea data

  • Japanese/French support