Tetris Stars

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Tetris Stars
Tetris Stars icon.jpg
Developer(s)Blue Planet Software
Publisher(s)Tetris Online, Inc.
Platform(s)Web (Flash)
ReleaseDecember 9, 2011
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size7 × 14
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetris Stars title.png
Tetris Stars ingame.png

Tetris Stars was an online free-to-play Tetris game available in Facebook.com. It was launched in open beta on December 9, 2011 before being discontinued on August 31, 2012.


Borrowing mechanics from the Galaxy mode seen in Electronic Arts' Tetris mobile app, the goal is to dig through rows of garbage lines by clearing them with tetrominoes within a short time limit, using cascade gravity. The player can choose between Beginner (One-Touch) or Advanced (traditional keyboard mappings) controls.

When the player starts a round, a 60-second base timer is activated. Level progress is visualized by the amount of Stars the player collects during a round; these are obtained by clearing specially-marked garbage lines. For each Star collected, 10 seconds are added to the game timer. The game ends when the timer runs out or the player reaches the Core (a total of 17 collected Stars, or 250 cleared garbage lines.)

Tetris Stars uses integration with Facebook's social platform to allow the player to check their gameplay progress as well as online leaderboards with friends or other users.


Power-Ups are used to assist a player during gameplay. Up to 3 Power-Ups can be used per round. The player must purchase a Power-Up with Coins to use it in-game, when purchased, the Power-Up can be used for 3 rounds. Power-Ups are activated by clearing lines with marked item blocks.

The following Power-Ups are available in-game:

  • Bomb – When activated, it clears any surrounding blocks around the item in the playfield.
  • Meteors – Drops 4 Minos at a random location in the playfield.
  • Crusher – Drops a large meteor on the playfield, pushing down any blocks below it.
  • Lucky 7 – The next seven pieces are optimized for line clears based on the state of the current stack.
  • Quake – Turns 2 rows around the item into individual Minos for cascades.

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